Today, again, just an image. A few more thoughts and questions should follow at the beginning of next week—at the end of the 31 Days.

I call it just “Abstract.” If you have been following “31 Days” here, you may notice in it elements or other “echoes” from various mini college themes or components past. I find something a little Dali-esque about it. Gaze at it for a little while and you may find yourself in a mental landscape that stretches deep and far, and that may inspire calm, and rest. If that is so for you, good. May it be a help to rest your mind this weekend, and rest your body, soul, and spirit in the Peace of God.


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2 thoughts on “Day 28 Collage: Abstract

  1. Abstract art is so contemplative to me…I like how this one seems to cause my eye to float above it and seems to alternate between the rectangle in the background with the colorful one in the foreground. I really have enjoyed your collages, and your musings about them. It has been a joy to see you work through each post.

  2. Yes. I found this one very contemplative somehow. Didn’t know why, except it had the same effect on me as you describe, and made me think in terms of eternity and transcendence.
    Kel, I have enjoyed your companionship in this 31 Day series so much. It has not only been a lot of fun for me, but an encouragement to go on further with art and creative journaling—and to pursue my own “crazy” ideas!

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