Bluebirds have always captivated me—one of my favorite birds. But ever since that “down” day a couple years ago, when I asked God for “a sign for good,” they have held a very special place in my heart.

That’s why I cut out these two birds, placed them on lush woodland background, and set those vibrant flowers in the foreground. Though one of them isn’t really a bluebird, at first glance it looks like it is, and “two is better than one,” especially in the light of the story I’m going to link you to.

It’s the post I wrote about how God gave me sign upon sign to cheer me up when I asked for one. If you need cheering up today, may it do the same for you. If you’re already cheery, may it help you celebrate the kind of things God sometimes does for His discouraged children. Go to…

Signs for Good, Blue


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