As I began this 31 day collection of collages, I said most of what you’d see here would be made wholly or almost wholly from junk mailings. Today is a total exception. I share it so you can see how collage can involve lots of other materials.

Mini Collage #5: “Be Like the Bird…”  cSylvia Robertson, 2017

I don’t know what prompted this one: whether it was hearing or thinking of the famous quote by Victor Hugo, a favorite of mine since my youth, or coming across the little ephemera circle with a bird on it and the oval with the feather.

But I do know something made me want to make a collage containing the quote—and the present pile of junk mail didn’t have anything fitting.

So I rubber-stamped a branch on the index card’s whiteness, a feather on some mulberry paper, and another feather on some light cardstock. I added marker “tweet” lines on the circle and words on both it and the oval, and colored the stamped feather and branch with art pencils. Among my scrapbooking materials I found a likely wedge of background paper to paste a diagonal and some earthy looking contrast, then tore some of the remaining mulberry paper into wisps and pasted them here and there. I drew a few emphasis lines beside one circle (with marker), and wrote in the rest of the poetry quote line. (Since I photographed the collage, as above, I added a credit to Victor Hugo.)

Fini! Not junk mail, but still scraps and other things just lying around. Almost free! As a bird!


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2 thoughts on “Day 12 (Non-junk-mail) Collage: “Be Like the Bird…”

  1. How lovely your bird and feather to illustrate the beautiful poem.

    1. Yes, Hazel, I think they are what actually brought the poem to mind and set off the whole rest of the process.
      I hope you’re all right out there in your smoky country. Prayers for you…

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