Today I set out on what I hope will be a beautiful ride.

        Mini Collage #15 A Beautiful Ride      cSylvia Robertson, 2017

No, not on a bicycle, in a comfortable car.

True, this year’s autumn color peak has come and gone. Even while here, it was only a “peek.” The weather didn’t cooperate. But there are still spots of brilliance out there, and as I travel toward the Lakes more of it may remain, because the water bodies temper the temperature.

I’m going off-line for the rest of today, then all of tomorrow and Sonday, at least till I get home that evening. I’m blessed to be able to attend a second silent retreat, my only one ever besides last January. This weekend’s retreat is in a totally different venue, and has a very different set-up and approach. So it will be interesting to compare. (I hope the travel will be less adventuresome than January’s!) But the main thing is the focus, which is the same for both: time with God, in rest and silence, alone with Him while in the company of others desiring the same communion.

After pouring out all these words, I really look forward to that. To me it seems there’s some insanity in purposing to write-and-post for 31 days straight, and so I made exceptions of Sondays, though still aiming for 31 posts with 31 collages. What you’ll see this weekend (and today, actually) will appear automatically, as I “scheduled” them for their particular dates and times.

Getting this post done ahead of time (it’s actually Wednesday as I write) makes my tense shoulders relax and my breath come more slowly and deeply.

I look forward to more of that, and hope you have a “beautiful ride” through your weekend, wherever that may take you, whatever your plans may be.

May we all be able to slip into God’s slipstream,* and enjoy His presence in it!


*slipstream n … an area of reduced air pressure and forward suction immediately behind a rapidly moving vehicle (Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary)


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2 thoughts on “Day 20 Collage: A Beautiful Ride

  1. Ahhh….yes, less pressure and more permission. Really enjoying the ride of your collages and words here this season…I look forward to more of the automagically entering my inbox! Your perseverance and grace encourages me to ride on into my crazy ideas over at soulPantry this month. I can’t wait to hear about your silent retreat; I have yet to attend one and it is one of my desires to do so one day. Blessings and joy-Kel

    1. As what you are doing encourages and motivates me, Kel. I love this mutuality! (If that’s a word…) Hope to get a post up tomorrow about the weekend. What a “God thing” of mutual encouragement that turned out to be!

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