This is the link up page for all the posts that appeared through October 2018 in response to the “Write 31 Days” challenge. To visit and read any of the posts, just click on the links here.

  1. “Write 31 Days”: On Discovering Wisdom
  2. Introduction: where is Wisdom Found?
  3. Insight about “Despair” (Part 1)
  4. Despair, Part 2: Despair as the First Step Toward Healing
  5. Specific Despair, Boundless Hope, Part 1
  6. Specific Despair, Boundless Hope, Part 2
  7. A New View of the Bad Stuff
  8. On Becoming Clutter-Free
  9. Let’s Talk about Walking
  10. Found Wisdom for When You Can’t Walk
  11. When You Don’t Know Which Direction to Walk: Getting Educated
  12. Two Wise Cracks about Getting Informed
  13. Found Wisdom: What I Need Right Now
  14. “Coincidental” Words
  15. One More on Stilling, and a Jar Full of Mud
  16. The Next Step: Awakening
  17. How to Awake to TRUTH and Healing
  18. Found Wisdom in Your Own Responses
  19. “Sometimes You Just Have to…”
  20. Truth, Freedom, and Difficulty 
  21. Why We Believe Lies—From Without and Within
  22. How to Navigate the Overwhelming
  23. The Best Roadmap
  24. Found Wisdom about “No More” and the Color Purple
  25. Getting Freed from the Past
  26. Found Wisdom on Yesterday, Tomorrow, and Today
  27. Found Wisdom on Slowness
  28. On Your Aging Brain
  29. Inspiration or Motivation?
  30. On Seed(ling) Planting
  31. Loose Seeds