Today I want to limit my words and let the visual imagery do most of the talking and stir up your thinking.

Mini Collage #2: On Being Transparent     cSylvia Robertson 2017
Mini Collage #19 “On Being Transparent, 2”            cSylvia Robertson 2017

I want simply to ask you a few questions to ponder–about the two collages, and about life and people:

  • What does it mean to be transparent?
  • When is it good to be transparent, and when not?
  • In the collages, what is transparent, and what merely appears to be transparent but is only reflecting something that is, or distorting what’s really there?
    • How about in life, regarding the people around you and the world–and you yourself?

May these ponderings enrich your thinking, and your life!


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3 thoughts on “Day 5 Collages: On Being Transparent

  1. Love these especially. My purpose statement is “encouraging transparency,” and yes, it has its ups and downs…. benefits and risks.

  2. I sometimes find transparency tricky myself, Lynni. At least anymore. I think I used to be much more transparent, but with some people that’s not always a safe thing to be. Lessons in life (sigh).

  3. That is so true. It is a risk. I think it’s an important thing to be, but maybe it’s the idea of casting pearls before swine. I’ve never been especially fond of that phrase, but it’s true. I also love the idea that for believers, when we are truly transparent, then Jesus shines through.

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