Welcome to “28 Days of Meandering Forward” (This odd series title is explained in Day 4’s post, linked below.)

This is the link page for all the posts in this 28 Day Blogging Challenge. The links below will increase in number as new posts are published throughout the month.

May you find encouragement, new insights, and enjoyment on these pages!

  1. A Fresh New Challenge
  2. Start With “One”
  3. Sabbath Soothing
  4. Where to Go? and How to Get There?
  5. How “Continue with One” does practical Wonders in Everyday Life
  6. The Power of “One” for Spiritual Well-being
  7. On God and Thwarted Human Dreams
  8. Who’s Building the House?
  9. Falling Behind? Or Building up Steam?
  10. How to Trick Yourself into Following Through and Finishing
  11. How to Keep a Finish from  Becoming a  (Very) Dead End 
  12. What To Do with Your To-Do List (Might Surprise You)
  13. Rest Your Way to Success?
  14. What Does Success Look Like for You?
  15. Let’s Not Let Goals Blind Us
  16. A Beautiful View of Progress
  17. Quotes and Commentary: On Achievement
  18. “Just a…”
  19. Jesus’ Advice about Success and Goals (Part One)
  20. Jesus’ Advice about Success and Goals (Part Two)
  21. Meandering Full Circle, Beautifully
  22. Pilgrimage, in Circles? [a repost]