Things in this world are not always what they seem. Collage often capitalizes on this concept.

This mini collage gives an example.

Mini Collage #24, “Rugs and Rugged Rocks”        cSylvia Robertson, 2017

The name gives its secret away. But if you hadn’t read the title, would you really think what you see above is more rugs than rocks, and home interior backgrounds entirely instead of sea and sky? In fact, what’s represented as the most rugged peaks and most breath-stealing descents are cut from pictures of carpet pieces. The actual mountains in the collage stand much more smoothed by time and weather.

Yet the mix of the two takes the viewer much more into a “world of the imagination,” as my one grandson would have put it in his kindergarten days. And that’s good for our heads, methinks. I think that’s the attraction of collage: the way it can lead us to 1) think outside the box more and 2) consider how the appearance of things in life may be other than what a first glance seems to say.

Take a mind trip in this collage today, and if you like, go back and explore earlier ones in this series using surprising objects and materials to represent something quite different from themselves. In the list below of previous posts I’ve marked with a ** those containing “deceptions” you can detect and consider. (Have fun!)

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4 thoughts on “Day 11 Collage: Rugged Rocks or Rugs?

  1. Sylvia-I’m loving the layers and whimsy of your collages, and how they do invoke my imagination. I really just saw mountains until you mentioned the carpet. Very fun!

    1. And I’m loving the process with its happy surprises and the way our (ad)ventures seem to be meshing–yours, mine, and Dawn’s. Mutual encouragement. I so love that!

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