Welcome to 31 Days of Mini Collage and Commentary!

        Mini Collage #23, “Only Words”       cSylvia Robertson, 2017

This year, in the 31 days of October, I’ll be sharing my new adventure in collage making. Why? Because this adventure has proven far more revealing and rewarding than I ever anticipated.

I began exploring the craft of collaging a little over a year ago, just for fun. And fun it is! But it can turn out to be much more than that. I hope you’ll come along and see what I mean.

Below you will find links leading to individual posts as they appear on my blog during the month of October. Click on the links that interest you, or subscribe to my blog and receive an email notification when a new post has been published. Some posts will include an essay, true story, or anecdote illustrated by a mini collage. Others will simply show a new collage and a few words about it, usually including how it was made.

All the collages that appear in this series will be “mini” collages, which I’ll define and explain in Post #2. They are a super simple kind of collage that just about anybody can do, almost anywhere. But more on that in Post 2… 

Hope to “see” you there!

Day 1 Mini Collage and 31-Days Introduction (A duplicate of this page)

Day 2 Collage: Nothing-But-Junk Fish

Day 3 Collage: What Grabs Your Heart?

Day 4 Collage: Why I Chose to do this 31 Days–Really

Day 5 Collages: On Being Transparent

Day 6 Collage: Salute to Birds and Dragonflies

Day 7 Collage: Got it Made in the Shade

Collage Day 8: Three Good Children’s Books to Inform Our Lives

Day 9 Collage: Smiles, Smiles (What Makes You Smile?)

Day 10 Collage: Which Way is Out?

Day 11 Collage: Rugged Rocks or Rugs?

Day 12 (non-junk-mail)  Collage: “Be Like the Bird…”

Lovelights and Blues (Day 13 Collage)

Day 14 Collage: “Fleur de Free” (Extended Cut Shape Technique)

Day 15 Collage: The Beauty of Serenity

Day 16: Two Collages, Just for the Enjoyment

Day 17 Collage Talk: “Only Words”

Day 18 Collage: Broken Hearts Can Soar

Day 19 Collage: Collage as Therapy? (Plus Cut-and-Fold-Back Technique)

Day 20 Collage: A Beautiful Ride

Day 21 Collage: Birds in Lush Growth

Day 22 Collage: Hope

Day 23 Collage: Start Something New Before Finishing the Now

Collage Day 24: Eight Women and an Unseen Guest

Collage Day 25: Sailing Through 31 Days (Or Any Other Commitment)

Collage Day 26: What Do You Do With a Mistake?

Day 27 Collage: Crazy Games

Day 28 Collage: Abstract

Day 29: Collage #31: Round Up


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