On my way meandering around town today–in a more or less orderly fashion–I passed a chakboard propped outside one of the shops, with this quote on it,

If the path be beautiful, let us not ask where it leads.”

-Anatole France

My path happened to be beautiful. Sorry, no camera with me then, but I was glad I’d taken my little notebook so I could jot down words like these.  So  I did, and as I sat in the book store later, I pondered what I’d copied…

Really, we do make a bit too much of those goals and strategies for success sometimes, don’t we?

Always looking and longing ahead into the fog of uncertainty, we can miss so much beauty and joy that lies right around us now.

So, for now, let’s pay attention. Beauty can be lurking in a lot of places where we’ll miss it if we don’t!

May you have a beauty-full day today!


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4 thoughts on “Let’s Not Let Goals Blind Us!

  1. Good for you to be carrying that notebook! My first reaction was Yes! I love that quote! Then it sort of hit me …the pleasures of sin can seem beautiful for a season…. more pondering…
    Your insight into how much we miss in the here and now because we are trying to figure out the future is spot on. And we can enjoy the beauty all around us when we know that “All the way my Savior leads me” And we know that ultimately his path leads home. Getting off the computer to watch for beauty…..

    1. I’m really only getting started trying to make notebook carrying a habit. Before it was whimsical and infrequent! You know, I hope, that your insight above inspired further writing on this (next post)! Thank you!

  2. The years of homeschooling my sons are past. My husband farms and I help with some of the chores but wondering now if I should seek outside employment (goal oriented) or enjoy the simpler beauty of homemaking…what to do?

  3. Can I ever identify with this! I think I would now say if our hearts are following Jesus, it’s safe to follow our hearts–especially in such a case, where neither decision need be permanent. Whichever way, God bless it!

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