I haven’t forgotten our “28 Days of Meandering Forward” still lacks eight of its “days.” This post represents one of them.

A beautiful thing has happened for me. The meandering we did through the twenty posts so far, along with a few little sideline things that have happened in my life, have brought me round to a special reunion with my early Christian self.

I’ll let my “Journaling Through John” Journal’s first entry explain:

I have come full circle.

My first Bible pursuit as a new Christian was the gospel of John. My first Bible journaling was on the gospel of John. My first sit-up-alert, flashing biblical insight, because of just a cross-reference, was in the first chapter of John.

I fell head over heels with scripture reading the gospel of John. And here, just as I come to the end of a month dedicated to “meandering forward,” hoping to find myself on God’s path, I am invited to begin (again) a deep reading and journaling of the gospel of John.

I can, and will, write the first several verses here from memory. I know much else in this book by heart and have plumbed the depth of some of its quizzical quotes and come up with shining pearls. So why do I want to read and study and ponder and meditate and journal yet again, on the same gospel of John?

Because of its depth. In its seeming simplicity is such profundity that I believe anyone who knows and loves the Lord of this gospel could study it a hundred times and still come up with new pearls, and experience new epiphanies and spiritual chill bumps on the hundred-and-first time through.

And so I begin simply by writing out what I know at its beginning by heart—because there’s something strongly heart-connecting in just pouring the familiar words out onto the page through the ink outlet of my pen, held in my hand, connected to my arm and leading to my heart. As I feel the gliding of my pen across the paper, my soul resonates as I write,

In the beginning was the Word,

And the Word was with God,

and the Word was God.”

Can you wrap your head around that? How about your heart, your soul?

Sit with it totally unencumbered by the media and the to-do list for just a few quiet minutes and let it ring, and see what it does in the core of your being.

Then read on for more mystery, and dive deep for another pearl:

He was in the beginning with God.

All things were made through Him,

and without Him nothing was made that was made.

In Him was life,

and the life was the light of men…”


Letting all this sink (again) into my soul…



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2 thoughts on “Meandering Full-Circle, Beautifully

  1. Sylvia- I am soaking in your words and a stirring in my soul to be with the gospel of John this season …Thank you for the invitation (and Dawn P, too) I’m getting a slow start this season, still thawing out from winter.

    1. Kel- I am so happy to have your companionship on this journey. Now I’m really sure it’s going to be a rich one! Hope you’re thawed and warm now! 🙂

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