I get up this morning and look at my “landing page” that contains my links to the 28-Day-Challenge posts already published. There they are, numbers 1 through 8:

1- A Fresh New Challenge
2- Start With “One”
3- Sabbath Soothing
4- Where to Go? and How to Get There?
5- How “Continue with One” Does Practical Wonders in Everyday Life
6- The Power of “One” for Spiritual Well-being
7- On God and Thwarted Human Dreams
8- Who’s Building the House?

But today is the 11th! That means I need three—yes, three posts—to “catch up” to where I “ought to” be—today! I get a slightly panicky feeling that I’m “falling behind.”

But I’m not.

I tell myself that, though I’m not that easy to convince.

I remind myself why I didn’t publish any posts on the weekend: I needed… the weekend! I needed Saturday to be Sat-to-day (and walk-to-day) and the Sabbath to connect more with God and rest and regroup. A lot’s been going on in my life besides my blog endeavor.

I didn’t stop because my head ran out of ideas. Quite the contrary. From the beginning it’s been swimming with so many thoughts of what I’ve wanted to write, even felt compelled to write, that they’ve been stirring around and bumping into each other in my head, and I needed this “shaken jar of river water” to settle so I could see my way through it.

I didn’t stop because I wasn’t getting any additional brain feed from elsewhere. I’ve gotten so much of that also, from several wonderful sources, without even my going looking, that I need to examine all that to sort it out and determine what to share in blog posts, and how, and in what order. And that would not have been the best use of the weekend, either.

Truth be told, the weekend itself fed in a number of new ideas and epiphanies, which means they stirred up the “river-water” again as they dived into “the jar,” and they now have to get sorted with the rest.

Settle, settle, so I can see…

I didn’t stop because I got discouraged. Everything I read and heard from the mentioned sources was energizing and encouraging. I just got overloaded. The overload is my brain-dump pile to retrieve treasures from, out from amid all the rubble–with plenty of both content and energy there for the whole month of February.

I didn’t stop because circumstances stopped me. Though circumstances do happen, and have to be dealt with. Like today’s…

It’s snowing, and I’m likely to be iced in tomorrow. So today’s the day I need to get out and get anything I might need in the morrow.

And the plumber comes at eight this morning, and the water will be turned off for the whole building for at least twenty minutes. And I’m not likely to get much productive writing done while he’s here.

So what do I do?

I tell you, my reader, all that. That is life. And I link you to some of the sources that have enriched me, so you can think about them, too.

The first one I happened on, some time ago, in the way of the everchanging YouTube home page. A link appeared for no apparent reason and caught my eye. I linked to it and watched this interesting and relevant video:

“15 Secrets Successful People Know About Time Management!”

In fact, This one’s so packed, I decide it’s the only link I’ll give you right now–or your brain might overload, too.

I might add, however, that the other links, which I’ll supply later, touch on principles presented in this video. Although the people interviewed here are “highly successful” in business, sports, the arts, and academics, the principles apply in any area where we seek “success.”

Enjoy! And be inspired!

I’ll be back later–today, tonight, or tomorrow early (my most productive time)–with more exciting stuff. And, hopefully, with some better, more settled, order in the excitement!


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