Just yesterday I received email notification of a fellow blogger’s post that meshes so beautifully with where we are in this “Meandering” journey that I want to turn the “podium” over to her. What she has to say is short, sweet, wise and poetic. So please click on this link to Christina Moore’s “Crumbs from His Table” for a beautiful view of “Progress.”

You can leave a comment there or here, and let me know what you think!


Beyond that,  I want to add a little further commentary on yesterday’s quote about beauty on the pathway we’re traveling.

If the path be beautiful, let us not ask where it leads.”

-Anatole France

It never occurred to me till I read the comments on that post that the quote could be interpreted as encouraging us to follow any path that looks attractive. I see how it could. And that would be foolish



I was thinking, however, of us earnestly trying to follow the right path, the best path, but getting bogged down in the struggles and doubts and striving after goals, fearing and trying to second-guess the future. Then we need to slow down, trust God, and enjoy the beauties of the journey, with confidence in His presence, leading, help, and protection.

And that’s the basic idea of the poem linked above, isn’t it? Lovely!


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2 thoughts on “A Beautiful View of “Progress”

  1. I knew your post was about the right path! I thought of including the quote on a painting and my mind went to my family/friends and students who do not know the right path and knew I could not hang such a quote.

    Thank you for sharing the link! Perfectly fits “our” theme!
    “His object is not efficiency
    But transformation,
    Relationship.” Wow.
    And your sentence “we need to slow down, trust God… enjoy…with confidence….” is what I needed to hear.

    1. Thank you Laurie. I love that quote from Christina’s blog, too. I ought to hang that on a painting!

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