Today, just a few words on this week’s Five Minute Friday prompt word:


I often start a short blog post with wording something like this:

“Just for today…

“Just this…”

That word “just” takes on a different meaning for me then. Instead of relegating something to the mediocrity pile by saying it’s “just a…” or “I’m just a…” for me it makes the word “just” imply distinctiveness, unique qualities especially appropriate and useful for the moment or the task at hand.

It may be “just” a few words, but the words are enough to merit being called a blog post.

It may be “just” a photo or collage, but in and of itself it is enough to convey important meaning so that nothing else is needed.

I’m right now considering how many things we give the quantifying label “just a…” that are really critically important, and have such large meaning and value.

A “just” minimalism.

Something to think about if you think of yourself as “just a…” whatever (fill in the blank),

or if you label that latest work of love you just did as “It was just…”

Fact is, you might be just right for the task, more than many a person, and the simple deed you did might be just what was most needed.

Indeed, “just” is also a synonym for “right,” isn’t it?

Just a few thoughts about the word “just.”


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5 thoughts on ““Just a…”

  1. I often use “just” like you Just a thought, just a small…..just a minute. Just–right–justice….off to look up word meanings and relationships….

    1. That’s what I like to do: find all the nuances of a particular word. I wonder what you found…

  2. Oh, you have me thinking with this post!
    Years ago, when asked what I did, I would say I’m just a mom.
    So thankful for someone who said, “Hold it, right there – what do you mean JUST a mom?”
    From then on I answered I’m a mom at home or I’m a homemaker:)
    I’ve held my head a little higher since adopting those monikers.

    1. Yes! It might be good for us to do some reverse discourse around words like this. For instance, you were *just* what those kids of yours needed!

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