[Here it is: the continuation of the last post, “Still Here” (which you might want to read before this post). And right straight out of my private journal, unadulterated (except where you see a [] bracket or …) — because Dawn at Beneath the Surface invited me to link up for Random Journal Day. So this is no world class literature, but it surely is about a Beyond-the-Universe class God! True account. Truly true…]

When the mailman turned in the drive, I got all excited. Finally my package, order for clothes, a couple items, but mainly shoes!

I have been needing new shoes so badly, especially certain kinds—casual but wearable with dresses, open for summer, but closed-toed for winter. And with my feet so hard to fit well enough that I can walk in said shoes more than ten minutes without pain or resulting corns, cuts, or blisters…, my shoe shopping attempts [even] when I could still see well enough to drive around, searching everywhere, so often resulted in nothing but frustration…

So [this month] I [finally] reverted to [catalog] ordering four different styles of shoes,… hoping one would fit. Then I could just return the ones that didn’t and order more of what did.

After the doorbell rang, I eagerly retrieved the box and paper mail from the back porch, waved to the postman, deposited the envelopes on the kitchen table, cut the box’s tape, and transported it, flaps flopping, upstairs, to try on the shoes.

One after another, I did.

The result to me was nothing short of amazing.

I have never in my life (that I can recall) found in one day, let alone in one solitary store, four different  styles of shoes, all of which fit — and on the first try-on. But these did!

Now this isn’t just about shoes. This is reassurance on varied levels. It’s God meeting me in my relatively housebound need, in which those frustrating expeditions to multiple shoe stores have become an unwieldy proposition (Poor husband! think of him hauling around this frustrated wife, in far from his usual shopping method!) Where it has become hard for me to go out for shoes, God has brought the shoes to me! And they were all my size and my fit. And they all look good. [And they were all on sale!] Astounding!

But this is reassurance of another kind, and answer to my question (silly question, now that I see it in His light): “Is there anything wrong with a woman just (basically) staying at home?”

Guess not!

(I also got… [some clothes]… but the big deal was the shoes. Really looking forward to when [husband] comes down from the hill, [so I could tell him])

Meanwhile, since I was upstairs, I sat down at my computer (in my new, super-fit, navy blue shoes) — and checked my email. Comment notification. Went to blog and read how someone else “got it,” because time after time God supplied right when she was at the total end of her resource, perfect timing.

Exciting! So I had to respond. Wrote my reply, then scrolled down to the ReCaptcha to see what words or numbers I’d have to struggle to read and copy into the box…

The first word this time was clear and crisp. No trouble reading it at all. It stood right out like a beacon.

And the word was


My, what a God I serve! And this crumbles me: What a God serves tiny me!!! I am awestruck! (Again.) And so grateful.


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17 thoughts on “God’s Children’s Shoes (III)

  1. Yeah, Kristina, doesn’t God have a novel way of doing things? So often a winsome little flourish at the end! Thanks so much for visiting and commenting.

  2. Don’t you just love watching how God provides? I’ve been dragging myself to a lot of shoe stores lately. Must be it isn’t my time yet 🙂

    1. Sure do love watching these things, Lisa! It’s been my experience that God usually lets us get to a point where we’re pretty much without the means to do something before He puts His hand into the picture in ways like this. That’s why I love the concept of 2 Corinthians 12:9-10, for it’s when I’m weak in some way that He makes me “strong,” and anyone can see HE did it! (Benefits of getting to the end of our rope!) Meanwhile, my heart goes out to you as you drag yourself off to yet another set of shoe stores! May God bless you with the right shoes next time!

  3. All of your posts this week were so refreshing. This one made me smile so warm inside. “Shoes” I love it.

    I have thought about your vision lately. My hands have swollen more than normal, making it difficult to write. I wonder if we could find a way to work as a team. My eyes and your hands?

    By the way, the cpatcha below is awful today! LOL. I am having to refresh. 🙂

  4. Hi Tereasa,
    Hm, I am sorry about your hands. I’m guessing the same weather affects your hands and my eyes: hot and humid. I really am a bit foggy right now. So that ReCaptcha is probably gonna be a killer for me! I tried to disable it, but it re-established itself, and I’m afraid to try anything more technologically sophisticated (read: dangerous!) Will have to implore my son’s help.
    It would be nice if that cooperative effort would work. If you’re talking typing, though, you wouldn’t want my hands. I swear I’ve got dyslexic fingers!
    Glad you enjoyed this week’s posts. I had trouble getting some momentum going. But I guess God worked through it anyhow. He does heart tickling wonders, doesn’t He?
    God bless. Prayers for your hands. (O, you’re right. I can’t read the stupid ReCaptcha!!! Refresh!!)

  5. If I could be more blessed, I do not know it! I have goose bumps. First, I am blessed because of your heart.
    Thank you for opening wide, unafraid and joining in here. Your earlier post blessed me, as you know but this sweet effort, really has made my night. I love peeking right at the handwriting- like a window of the soul! ANd your journals on the shelf- precious! This post all the way through to the final CAPTCHA piece…was so overflowing with Him. You see Him well. ANd I see Him in your writing…
    Also I could not help but think of my Mom, who loves shoes but orders all hers through mail order. She has great difficulty due to arthritis and deformed toes! You are not alone. But God so meets us…perfectly in His own provisional way. Thank you, Sylvia! Welcome to our community @ RJD! SOrry I had followed the link and commented on the wrong post! lol. Now you have TWO from me…acyually three! 😉

  6. Oh, Dawn (Paoletta), what encouragement! You know, that is exactly what I most desire: that people would see Him more clearly through what I write and say. I’m so glad you host the RJD blog hop and extended your invitation to me. Thank you.
    And it is interesting how you have seen the same kind of shoe provision for your Mom.
    Joyous to come on board! Thanks again.

  7. PS to Dawn P: I can delete the duplicate comment from the previous post. That’s an easy mistake to make — and the kind of thing I do all the time! Thanks for *all* your comments! 😉

  8. Wonderful story, Sylvia! It’s always so good to hear about how He provides – almost as good as experiencing it! Thank you for sharing!

  9. Thank you for sharing your precious story at: Tell Me a Story.” God enjoys it when his children rejoice over what he has done for them. He delights in our excitement when our shoes fit, or we get something on sale and we let Him know how greatful we are for his blessings. I know – – been there, done that!
    Oh this is try 4 with the captcha – – I removed mine from my site – – here goes again.

  10. I’m so sorry about the catpcha, Hazel. I tried to disable/remove it, but it came right back! I need a little techy help, need to enlist son’s (or someone wordpress.org familiar). If it’s any consolation, it’s also a big trial for me, as my vision is worsening with Fuchs’ dystrophy. We’ll get it fixed, eventually!
    Meanwhile, thank you so much for making the difficult effort to leave this good comment.
    (Now here goes my repeated recaptcha effort…)

  11. “Make our heart sing.” Yes. That’s what He does. I love that! Thanks, Shelly, for visiting and commenting!

  12. Oh wow. What a cool God-incidence. Smiling here! I wish I had a cool captcha for you now. But it’s pumam and rismarks. 🙂

    I’m so, so glad you shared this amazing story in community with us. What a delight you are!

  13. What a delight *He* is, huh?
    pumum and rismarks are more par for the course — usually unreadable.
    I’m so glad you got the God-incidence. I’m not sure everyone did. I love your link up! Thanks for hosting it! (And oboy! what a captcha’s down there now!!)

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