Why should I praise Him? Let me count the (Biblical, God-focused) reasons…

(Catching up. Counting toward 10,000. Do you think I can find that many?)



  • 377 – Because He begins the good work of resurrected life in believers
  • 378 – Because He is the one who completes it
  • 379 – Because Jesus Christ’s affection produces godly longing in believers toward one another
  • 380 – Because the first fruits of righteousness come by Him, by Jesus Christ
  • 381 – Because those first fruits are for the glory and praise of God
  • 382 – Because He gives little humans the supply of His Holy Spirit
  • 383 – Because if we know Him as Paul did we will feel that “to live is Christ,”
  • 384 – Because if we know Him as Paul did we will feel that “to die is gain” because we will be with Him.



  • 385 – Because consolation is found in Christ.
  • 386 – Because He made Himself nothing for little man!
  • 387 – Because He took on the form of a bond slave for humanity!
  • 388 – Because He lowered Himself to come in the likeness of mortal man
  • 389 – Because He humbled Himself even to the point of death on a cross for humanity
  • 390 – Because at the name of Jesus every knee in heaven will bow
  • 391 – Because at the name of Jesus every knee on earth will bow
  • 392 – Because His name is exalted above every name.
  • 393 – Because every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord
  • 394 – Because it’s God Who works in us (believers) both to will and to do according to His good pleasure.

(I had to back up in my numbers, because I discovered I duplicated a lot of reasons from Isaiah 61, back there somewhere.)


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4 thoughts on “Let Me Count the Reasons…

  1. Dear Sylvia,

    In Ann Voskamp’s one thousand gifts it is ok to repeat thanksgivings!

    My favorite for today from your list is #379
    Because Jesus Christ’s affection produces godly longing in believers toward one another

    I love your lists because they are pure scripture.


  2. Hi Dawn (one of those fellow believers for whom Christ’s affection has produced that longing 🙂 ),
    I know Ann’s gifts list is okay on repeats, but this is a little different. Another blogger and I (and anyone who chooses to take on the challenge) are out to prove that there really are 10,000 Bible-verifiable God-centric reasons to praise Him. (I should make that clearer in each related post.) This is happening in response to a skeptical statement that her brother made, while she was singing the song. That’s why I asked, above, do you think I can do it? (That’s also why it’s pure scripture, but that blesses me with its focus, every time.)
    I still keep a separate list of thank You’s in my private journal. They go on the page first, then the praise reasons. Good way to start each day. I have counted beyond *one* thousand praise reasons there, just haven’t been getting them into this blog!
    Special blessings on your day!

  3. I love these reasons, Sylvia! It’s so good to read yours, because you skip around and take them out of books I haven’t looked through yet, showing me things that haven’t yet become part of my list. The ones about Him humbling Himself, lowering Himself, and making Himself nothing especially got to me. I’ve been looking so much at how great He is, I hadn’t yet connected it with how much He gave up. Thank you so much for sharing all this, friend, and thank you for counting with me!

  4. This insight moves me, too, deeply! The balance of the two says so much about Him, doesn’t it, Mary? Alone, the reasons why He merits praise are compelling just by themselves; but taken together with a little thought, they’re overwhelming!

    It would be interesting to do a group effort on this, with everyone involved taking different portions of scripture, then sharing reasons found there and talking about the insights that come from seeing them side by side — interesting different kind of Bible “study.” But even this, with just the two of us, reveals a truly awesome God! Thanks for sharing that, Mary!

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