“Before they call I will answer…” (Isaiah 65:24)

Thinking how God often answers before we call reminds me of a story an old lady told me, twenty-some years ago, about something that happened to her as a little girl.

An MK (missionary kid) living in remote South America, she got a hankering one day for a pair of red shoes. So she asked God for some in her prayers.

Imagine her parents’ consternation. Red shoes! What made her come up with that? How could God give her red shoes in such a place? Maybe they could at least talk her into black or brown… But no, she was certain: she’d prayed for red shoes, and so God would give her red shoes. The next supply container should come soon…

Now understand, at that time red shoes didn’t abound anywhere, let alone in her surroundings, and the next container was already sitting in some steamer long before she’d prayed. Her parents would just have to let her be disappointed and then explain how these things (don’t) work.

Shipment arrived. They unpacked, one item after another. She watched eagerly. It was emptying out. They were reaching the bottom…

But wait, down there, under those last few items… You guessed it: red shoes, in her size!

She wasn’t even amazed. She knew all along God would send her red shoes.

How do you explain this? This isn’t even “acceptable” prayer.

But it was a child’s innocent, believing prayer, and I am repeatedly amazed (and delighted) at how often children’s off-the-wall prayers get answered. Whatever the reason, before she called, God answered.

4 thoughts on “God’s Children’s Shoes, I

  1. I remember you telling that story in Bible Study, God is so good. He will supply our needs and throw in a surprise blessing once in awhile just because He can!! love it!

  2. Yes! And maybe a little more than once in a while. (Stay tuned. I’ve got lots of stories I hope to tell…)

  3. We packed a box for an orphanage in Africa (many years ago) and I ran to the nursery and grabbed one of the baby dolls in the toy box. In it went in the missions box. A young girl had been praying for a doll and God supplied. We don’t always know that we are helping to answer someones prayer but God know all about it.

  4. Hazel, I am so glad you left this comment! God does wonders like this all the time, even using us when we don’t have the slightest awareness. The more testimonies of proof, the better. Encouragement for all who feel they haven’t done anything “significant,” and reassurance of God’s care. God specially bless you this day!

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