The last two posts have been heavy and brain-and-soul challenging. So let’s lighten up a little for the weekend, yet without losing our trail. In the photo below are several bits of “found wisdom” I got at the book store.

When I go book shopping at such a place, I usually end up walking out with something a little wacky or frivolous-looking. My last visit bagged me a book of trivia questions, and a paperback with 365 Inspirational Quotes, gathered and compiled by Mike Robbins. I thought I might use some of the latter to inspire my thinking and prompt my writing, or even use some in collages. So I started cutting some out and piling them up. In the midst of the heaviness of the last two posts, I decided to look through this pile of cut-outs as well as the remainders in the book to see if I might find some wisdom that fit with where I’d unexpectedly landed in my blog, and consequently in my searching, studying, and pondering.

For today I simply leave part of this selection with you. If you can’t read them as they appear on your screen, just a bit of zooming in should do the trick. See if any especially “hit” you. See if any give you a new insight or perspective. Or make you want to write them down and keep them handy. See if any are just enjoyable to read. And enjoy. I may pick up on some of them in next week’s blog posts. Or, more fun: share in a comment what one of them did for you!

Meanwhile, the last two posts, here and here, would make a good springboard, or good grist, for a weekend Bible exploration. If you click on the Bible references in them, they should take you to the mentioned text. From there you can pick up the context and explore further.

So, see you tomorrow, God willing! Meanwhile, happy finding!