Now would be a good time to insert some wisdom that came to me several years ago while at a (non-silent) “Ladies’ Retreat,” when I heard the late Joy Jacobs present a very useful acronym for gaining healing via truth-finding. Since that day I’ve reworked some of the words and collaged the message, but otherwise the whole process comes from her.:

I thought I might already have published this on the blog some time ago, but I can’t find any evidence of it. If it looks familiar to you, just consider this a repost, published because it fits right into where we’ve progressed with our “found wisdom.”

Where does the above process begin? Well, with a trial, or test, of course. However, we might not see the trial or test as such till we (perhaps suddenly and surprisingly) find ourselves reacting to something, and we may not immediately even know why, or what specifically is leading us to, say, feel suddenly depressed, or angry, or fearful, or discouraged. For this reason I added the word “Trigger” to the first “step.”

The first thing we might need to consider is “What triggered this reaction in me? And why did it elicit such a response?” 

Next, we need to consider what lie might be involved. The lie could be an actual untruth that someone is trying to get us to believe, for whatever nefarious purposes, or it might be a false belief within ourselves. 

So it’s important to move on from there to determine what is really the truth in the matter. This truth might be a spiritual/biblical truth that we need to affirm or it may be scientific findings that make what is going on clearer or more understandable.

The final step is the healing that can result from this process.

Do you get the idea that this process is not necessarily simple or quick?

I think it would be good to spend a bit more time exploring this process. So tomorrow let’s take a closer look at just the first two steps through an example or two in my own life.

In the meantime, you might consider your last emotional upset and what event or situation evidently set off a negative reaction in you.

More tomorrow. 




3 thoughts on “Day 17 Found Wisdom: How to Awake to TRUTH and Healing

  1. Now I need to go listen to last Sunday’s sermon again.Pastor Donn had a segment in there about the lies we tell ourselves. I am always telling counselees to look at what is real, what is true, because our perception is often colored by what we believe.

  2. Trigger is such an interesting word and yes it is good to examine why something sets us off. Some healing is progressive.

    1. It is an interesting word, isn’t it, Hazel? It kind of gives a picture of a rapid, bullet-speed reaction. To me, anyhow. And healing? I imagine it’s all progressive. Blessings to you!

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