FMF prompt word: CELEBRATE. But no way can I stop at five minutes, and I think you’ll see why:



I see the word “celebrate” and think joy, rejoicing, and… dragonflies!

But then I wonder if I’ve got it right. Did I celebrate dragonflies? Can you do that?

So I pull the dictionary off the book rack and look up the word. This very secular and recently published dictionary surprises me, as I read:

CELEBRATE: vt 1: to perform (a sacred or solemn ceremony) publicly with appropriate rites 2a: to honor (as a holiday) esp. by solemn ceremonies or by refraining from ordinary business b: to mark (as an anniversary) with festivities or other deviation from routine 3: to hold up or play up for public notice(her poetry ~s the glory of nature) vi 1: to observe a holiday, perform a religious ceremony, or take part in a festival 2: to observe a notable occasion with festivities

So can you celebrate dragonflies? I think I’m going to right now…


The celebratory moment wasn’t planned. It was more like magical. But it was given space to happen, or it might never have occurred.

For one thing, I’d just begun a new practice, a few weeks before: gratitude with a new dimension: each evening naming “The Gift of the Day,” and noting it in my journal.

For decades I’d practiced (if somewhat inconsistently) the daily naming of five “gratitudes.” But this one had to arise from the listing as the “best and most beautiful.”

Reviewing later what gifts I’d singled out, I noticed nearly all were intangible, and happened—or rather, came to my awareness—when I’d made a pause.

Oh, yes, there were stand-out gifts amid activity—like my getting that basket onto the high kitchen shelf exactly as it should be settled, via that Frisbee-like fling after quick prayer. (If you knew my normally abysmal aim, which I blame on uneven eyesight, you’d call it a miracle like I did—especially since the feat repeated twice in my rapid cleanup effort!)

But mostly the day’s special gift was something like…

a clear sparkling bird song I’d never heard before, delivered to me as I sat quiet in my porch nook,

or a spectacular view of sky framed between trees, noticed as I paused from garden work, or… (you get the idea).

So it was with The Dragonfly Moment.

Late afternoon. Husband gone on an errand. Day’s work done, supper a cinch to fix later. And me seizing the moment! Out on the patio, under the sunbrella that shades the table. Silent solitude.

The only trouble was… insects. These little bee-like, fly-like things that harass by (literally) getting in your face, or on your arms or neck, along with the heat-summoned gnats and the end-of-summer mosquitoes. This time of year I miss the swallows that have suddenly flown back to Capistrano (or wherever they go) and left behind stark silence and increased biting insect population, which they’d kept controlled all summer.

So I expected bug troubling as soon as I settled in my seat. But, in no more than a minute, suddenly dipping and darting all about me like glistening, glittering little jewel-like helicopters, the dragonflies appeared! And the bugs, gnats and other stinging things? Very quickly gone!

Yet, far more than bug control, this was a shining, dancing spectacle fit to make you laugh, delighted, which I did!

Another dragonfly moment happened this week, while roof replacement work cluttered both patio and porch with debris and noise and I decided to “take tea with God”—out in the “mini-barn” where I’d stashed some of the patio furniture. Through half-opened door, their glinting, glistening sun reflections caught my eye as they danced mid-air, out all over the meadow grass, a marvel!

And now I sit and consider that such marvels are happening all the time, and the only requirement for realizing and celebrating them is a little momentary pause. (See definition 2a above).


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6 thoughts on “Dragonfly Celebration!

  1. I love that the dragonfly has come to mean a moment of joy and laughter for you. Celebrating beauty around us is so important and makes life more wonderful. Thanks for sharing your “Dragonfly Moment” with FMF. I really enjoyed your post.

    1. Thanks, Mary. It’s the little things that cost nothing—except a moment of notice— that really give us the joy most of the time, isn’t it? (And I never even mentioned the next day, after the last event, when I went outside and down the front porch steps to ask the roof workers a question, and a dragonfly flew right straight, and whisper soft, landed on my nose! (Laughter again.)

  2. When I saw ‘dragonfly’ mentioned on your link -up at Kate’s blog I absolutely couldn’t wait to click on it. Dragonflies have always been my favorite – they uplift me and encourage me when I am down. Trying to get my nerve up to get one tattooed on me…no luck yet. Beautiful post. Made me smile.

    1. They really are beautiful and fascinating, aren’t they? I have seen so many more in the last two or three years around here, and I am so glad. They lift my spirits when I am down, too! Glad you stopped to comment and we “met,” Lynette!

  3. Lovely thoughts here, Sylvia! I am a lover too of capturing these simple joys that God has painted or sent our way… and I love your idea of “the gift of the day” in your journal! Let us look for these blessings! One of my favorite promises in the bible is that “blessings will overtake us!” (Deut)…. May they continue to overtake your heart each day in your teatime with God! (Love that too… teatime with Him…) 🙂

    1. Oh, Pam, how good to see you here! I’m afraid I’ve kinda been AWOL from the blogging community this past year. Too much. Working on tuning that around, little by little.
      “Blessings overtak[ing] you”! That’s what I’ve been seeing more of lately. They make overtake, but we still need to keep our eyes out for their appearance (I’m also finding). When I’m not focused in that direction, that’s when I tend to reach the end of the day and have trouble identifying the day’s gift.
      Thank your for your special blessing; may it boomerang right back atcha!

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