[Today’s Five-minute Friday Free-write prompt: “Doubt.“]



Doubt  is a word I have no problem writing about. I’ve had plenty of experience with the concept. I’ve doubted myself, I’ve doubted my chosen paths, I’ve doubted my opportunities, and I even doubted, at one time, the truth of the Bible and the existence of God.

The first doubts are good doubts. I need to see the limitations of myself, my opportunities, the people around my life that might have ulterior motives for all their “niceness.” But the last, ooh, that is an awful, a yawning chasm of uncertainty.

Yet even it has its benefits.

Doubting Thomas was good for the rest. He wanted to be sure. So do I. So I doubted. And I prayed. And eventually “I believe, help Thou my unbelief,” became first my turning-point, life-changing prayer, and after that my oft-repeated anytime prayer. (Still is, sometimes, in many, varied circumstances.)

All I can tell you in this short free-write is that He answered back then, and He answers yet today, He most assuredly helped, and helps, this faltering doubter—because she truly wanted to know, wanted Truth with a passion, as she still does now. And she knew Who to call: the One Who goes on helping when I call out to Him today.

I’m sure I’m more sure because of past doubts. In fact, this free write is giving me a possible theme for “31 Days” of blog posts in October, something I’ve not yet come up with. I’ve often thought of writing a series on “How I Know God is Not an Imaginary Friend.”

What do You think of that, dear Lord? And will you help me overcome my doubts that, even with Your help, I can actually sustain 31 straight days of published blog posts?


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2 thoughts on “The Benefits of Doubt

  1. Your post reminds me somehow of a Christian ministry DVD I was watching last night… the minister kept saying that God wants us to be “hungry for Him,” to tell him – Father, I’m hungry for more of you. I’m hungry for you to show me more of You…” And I believe that the way through our doubts is to turn to Him in all our moments, telling Him just how hungry we are for Him. (Part of what I am writing about this October too 🙂

    Blessings to you, Sylvia as He pours Himself into you!

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