The view just got clearer.

Last night.

It was just a spot of insight, one blur on the panorama refocused to true and real. It wasn’t really new information so much as uncovered truth my insides honestly knew all along, but had kept safely (safely?) buried.

What’s safe about burying truth? It only leaves you vulnerable to deceit from outside as well as in.

But we do it.

A lot.


The whole vast scene is clearing up, bit by bit. Not like when you adjust the binoculars and the whole comes through with sharper definition all at once—but this blur, over this area right here, then that little spot over there, then that splotch on that bit of foreground, then that huge smear on that expanse of background… eliminated one after one after one. Yet over time, through this seeming haphazard process the big picture is emerging in crystal crispness.


A movie brings an insight, and confession and repentance of foolish error… another film uncovers a painful memory… a chance comment in a book or conversation reawakens my mind to sleeping facts… and reflective, meditative scripture reading of late pries open locked parts of my heart, revealing things hidden way down in its corners… As in His presence I bring out each new (re?)discovery in its turn and hold it up, another lens segment washed clean with tears takes its place with the rest, and I see yet more of the bigger picture, and sometimes gasp with astonishment.

I see so many things, so much more clearly. The deliverance of God and the manipulation of man. The flaws in flesh fouling up faith with crazy people ambitions and fears—through history, through my life… what a blur!

But what a clearing all these episodes considered together are doing! As if a window on my world, all smudged with fooleries and denials and fears and deceptions and overzealous self-expectations, is getting scrubbed, scoured, and rinsed new, spot after spot.

I stand back, looking through, shaking my head—and wondering… just what I’m going to do with all this clarity…


Written for Five Minute Friday, on the prompt word “View.”

11 thoughts on “This Clearing of My View

  1. Wow great read.
    I don’t know too many others who do [meditative scripture reading]… I started it last year at the beach and it is such a great practice.

    1. T! Hi! So good to see a comment from you. I “lost” you at some point, wanted to find your blog, but couldn’t remember its name–and “T” as a search, well…

      Yes, I do like this practice and am finding great value in it. Began a year or so again myself. It can’t take the place of all other Bible reading and study, but oh, the depth of insight that can come out of it, and well, just the resting in God with whatever the issue. Worshipful. Beautiful. The beach = what a wonderful setting in which to begin!

    1. lesa, this is one I wrote thinking I probably wouldn’t publish it, but that the writing would be good for me. It was. 🙂 And that led me to publish it after all– with (confession) two little details deleted, just not for public consumption. Glad you happened by. Thanks for visiting and commenting.

  2. Beautiful post, with so much truth. First you are happy for increase clarity then comes the question of what to do the new knowledge.
    Well done!

    1. Yes, Joy, such things often open doors — or at least windows. Thanks for visiting and commenting.

  3. I love this. I haven’t been out and about the blogosphere for awhile. I have some catching up to do.

  4. Profound truths. Man’s manipulations… it does get weary, but seeing with the eyes and wisdom of God means we’re walking with Him to give us strength… and endurance… and it’s a beautiful walk.

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