From the top of the stairs the view straight ahead was of fog and haze, heavy and oppressive, announcing a replay of yesterday’s sweat and poor vision and fight with frustration.


I got fixated on the frustrating and forgot to look up.

When I finally did, what a whole new view, whole new world, right in the same vista!

Look what I was missing! (Click on the photo(s) for a more lifelike view.)


Glorious sky, reminding me of Colossians 3:1-4.


And so, let me lift up my eyes, my mind, my heart and soul, to where He is, and consider what He is, and how countless many reasons I have to praise Him.

(From Psalm 89) Because…

  • He is a God of mercies (undeserved kindnesses)
  • He is a God of faithfulness—to all generations
  • His mercy shall be built up forever
  • He shall establish it in the very heavens.
  • He is a covenant-making God.
  • He is a covenant-keeping God.
  • The heavens themselves praise His wonders
  • Praise for His faithfulness shall (and should) also arise in the assembly of saints
  • No one in the heavens can be compared to Him
  • No sons of the mighty can be likened to Him
  • He is greatly to be feared in the assembly of the saints.
  • He is to be held in reverence by all those around Him
  • No one is mighty like He is
  • His faithfulness surrounds Him.
  • He rules the raging of the sea.
  • When its waves rise, He can still them.
  • He is able to break “powerful” human empires in pieces
  • He is able to scatter their armies with His arm
  • That arm of His is mighty
  • Strong is His hand
  • And high is His right hand.
  • The heavens are His
  • The earth is His also
  • The world and everything in it belongs to Him
  • He founded the heavens
  • He founded the earth
  • He founded the world and all it contains
  • Mountains like Tabor and Hermon themselves rejoice in His name (in what He is)
  • Righteousness and justice are the foundation of His throne.
  • Mercy goes before Him
  • Truth goes before Him
  • And blessed are the people who know the joyful sound!
  • Blessed are they who walk in the light of His countenance
  • In His name they can rejoice all day long
  • In His righteous they are exalted
  • In His favor their “horn” (strength) is exalted
  • The shield of His people belongs to Him, as does their king.
  • His mercies are worth singing about forever
  • His faithfulness is worth making known to all generations.

And that’s just from the first eighteen verses!

Refreshed and exulting in Him today!


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8 thoughts on “Looking Out — Or Up

  1. Amen… What a way to start a day; reflecting on the majesty and goodness of our Father who holds our very lives and this cosmos where we abide in His hand…

  2. Simple, yet beautiful truth. One of my favorite Psalms in 121: I will look to the mountains, from whence cometh my help.
    Thanks for the reminder to keep looking up!

  3. Me, too, Lynn. I love that psalm, memorized it in a Bible study group some years back, and now often speak its beautiful words before bed. (Like tonight. 😉 ) And so, good-night. And a sweet sleep to you!

  4. So easy to get fixated on the things we don’t want or didn’t expect, rather than looking up and seeing glory. Beautiful photographs, Sylvia!

    Oh, yes, it always feels like that – “just the first eighteen”! Wonderful reasons you have here! Thank you for sharing, friend!

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