Just five short minutes of free-writing on the prompt word “imagine,” for Five Minute Friday…

Imagine! The very word sends me all over the place. I think I’ve always been a great imaginer, perhaps way too much in the past, perhaps way too little in the present.

Right now I’m imagining a very early tea party in the front porch shadows before the day begins to steam and stew and heat waves make mirages over blacktop…

The flowers, all prearranged in the bush at the front, a display all wild with joy and deep rose-red. The tray is set, there’s specialty cheese and good French bread, so thin cut, and slices of pears. What about sweets? What is there for that in my now imagination, with the ovens broken and beyond repair till the right part arrives at the supply place…

But that brings imagination down into the dust. Cinnamon sugar on toast will do.  Or frozen strawberries to dip in the chocolate sauce left in the fridge (better).

And it is quiet.

That part, it might not happen. But all the rest can. Right now.

That is the best kind of imaging: imagining what I can do with the here and now, instead of yearning for some impossible past or improbable future  or “what if” for a now that can’t be.


Who might I invite, so spur-of the-moment? My Best Friend? Sounds good to my imagination’s ear… (And no, He isn’t imaginary!)


This flight of imagination was inspired by this post, read just before the writing.

(So I can’t take credit for it at all. Thanks, T.)


PS: Fantasy Become Reality:



13 thoughts on “Imagine: for now, or “someday”?

  1. I love the reminder to imagine the here and now and not new versions of the past or high expectations of the future. Great post!

    1. Yep, Kara, it’s too easy to let my imagination run to the might-have-beens or the probably-never-will-be’s when there’s so much to enjoy in what-now-is! Thanks for visiting and commenting.

  2. May I come, too? The end of the school year has been good for my imagination. Dreaming of filling summer days with new memories and making those dreams come true is a fun part of motherhood.

  3. P.S. I’ve been thinking about you a lot. I started wearing glasses last week and have been so thankful for an easy solution, but I wonder about you. Have you experienced any more improvement?

  4. Ah, yes, Tereasa, please do! I would so enjoy your company.
    And that dreaming you’re now doing, that’s one of the very sweetest and best of imaginings. Enjoy the possibilities!

    Also, in answer to your PS: I don’t know if you read this post
    but the report it gives is still pretty up-to-date. Largely, I am very happy with how well I can see right now (I mean, if you think you may be going quickly blind, this is terrific!) I would like if my eyes were more dependable for driving long distances, but busses will do for lots of trips, and the humidity does affect my vision as well as fatigue, but I’m just so thankful for what I do have. I shouldn’t drive after dark, but I don’t mind that much, either. I only wish that eye doc could have fit me for glasses better than what I have. (He demurred, saying the change in my acuity wasn’t enough to make it worth it.) The present ones are actually too strong and strain my eyes if I wear them to drive, which my license says I have to do! I can actually see better without them. I may just try another doctor for some new specs.
    Thanks so much for caring and asking. I hope your glasses give you 20-20. And BTW, I pray for you often.

  5. Such a beautiful reminder to not waste your life by imagining what it “could” be. I hope you enjoyed your tea…it looks fantastic! 🙂

    1. I did, Rebekah, and I especially enjoyed settling down in the “now”!
      So glad you visited here today!

  6. I usually spend my time imagining far too much about the wrong things and far too little about the right ones. A tea party, though, sounds like a fabulous thing to imagine . . . and then make into reality! It looks delicious, Sylvia! Thank you for sharing!

  7. Thanks for the heads-up, Christy. Glad Scripture and a Snapshot is up and running again. Looking forward to contributing.
    God bless it—and you, for providing the link-up!

  8. Yes, Duane, that’s the very best Contentment. And all real contentment flows from that, doesn’t it? Thank you for commenting.

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