Last year for the first time, I adopted a key or guide word for the year: Closer.

It expressed my desire, and aim, to draw closer to God, to grow in walking more closely with Him as the year progressed. It blessed me, because it gave me focus, direction, intentionality.

I’m not choosing a new word for this year — mainly because I’m not finished yet with last year’s!

Not that I ever will be in this earthly life, but I was working my way through the word’s letters as an acrostic — C stood for “Call” on Him, L for “Look” at and “Listen” to Him… Blogging about that, I barely got to O. So, on I go. Not that the word, or a bunch of sub-words starting with its letters are anything in themselves, but if I act on them, they’re precious.

In the coming months, instead of a new “One Word,” I’m aiming to explore last year’s “CLOSER” further, via these “subwords” that I see as stepping stones in the path to a closer walk and communion with Him:



Exalt (Him)

Repeat, repenting.

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Have you chosen a word, verse, or particular resolution to help direct your path through 2013?



6 thoughts on “New Year, New “One Word”?

  1. I appreciate how you are digging into the subject of closer as much as you can. I think that’s where we find true wisdom. It is in depth. It is not on the lazy fringes.

    Several years back I decided to do an in depth Bible study every week. I haven’t missed too many since and the wisdom, peace, and joy that come from that discipline are treasures that this world can’t measure. I don’t know if one word can sum it up, but I’m going to keep striving for that.

  2. Ah, yes, consistent in-depth Bible-study! Floyd, you are reminding me I need to settle into the kind of study I used to do more of: staying focused for enough time on one book of the Bible, or one topic I’m trying to learn more about… Lately I seem to be doing a lot of hopping all over the Scriptures. Which is good in its place. But I need to get back to the other. Thanks!

  3. Dear Sylvia,

    My word is Emmanuel–God with [me]. I want to be intentional about knowing He is with me in ALL things and to realize His presence wherever, whenever and however I go. I want Him to be my natural default.

  4. Thank you for an excellent post, Sylvie. Oh, that should be the desire of all our hearts–to draw ever closer to Him. Like you, I have enjoyed using one word simply as a focus. Another dear blogging friend is not employing one, because she doesn’t want it to be shallow–like a quick fix for the year–a name it and claim it proposition. I think she is on target. I think you are too, and that you are simply using the word as a springboard for contemplation, confession, and renewal. That is how I would like to use the word God has laid on my heart this year–vision. It has so many meanings. I’m asking God to give me spiritual vision and to open the eyes of my heart to see Him in all things. I’m asking, as an act of faith to see Him, Who is invisible and for courage to follow Him. I am asking Him to clear my vision and free me from sin and spiritual blindness. I’m asking Him to help me fix my eyes upon Jesus. I’m saying with the hymnist, “Be Thou my vision.” I’m also asking Him for a vision for ministry. The word, to me, is simply a way to focus my thougths and prayers, but of course, all under the umbrella of His sovereignty, God and His directives can never be contained in a box. But how often I can get off track. This just helps me with direction.
    Like you, I used one word twice in a row for two years. It was *completion*. Sadly, I did not complete what I had started…….and still have not…….this would be the THIRD YEAR IN A ROW (w/ that intention…..and really many more years before that). It’s a hopeless, helpless feeling. I am praying that this year, God will give me the vision (insight) to know why I keep derailing. Thank you for listening and for your obedience to draw closer to Him! We draw closer to Him, too, as a result!
    Happy New Year!

  5. No one could come up with a better word than that, Dawn! It sings in perfect harmony with my word, I think. They seem to travel in the same direction. “I want Him to be my natural default” = wow, wonderful. Ah, for Him to be mine! I hope walking another year with my word and watching you pursue yours helps me get to that point, too. God bless it!

  6. Wow, Lynn: the word “vision,” your desires for the kind of vision you want to gain, and those songs! They all strike a chord with me! “Be Thou My Vision” is “my” song! heh. “Turn Your Eyes…” with its beautiful wisdom reminds me always of the woman who, I learned, inspired it—and who also inspires me. Did you ever hear of Lilias Trotter? Worth looking up, reading her biography, “A Passion for the Impossible,” and some nearly disappeared writings of hers that were recently unearthed and reprinted. “Parables of the Christ Life” and “Parables of the Cross.” In this post, I excerpted her little piece of writing that “Turn Your Eyes” is based on. I think you might like to read it. It’s right in line with your focus (pun intended) for the year.

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