“Prayer is a conversation of the heart with God.”

-James P. Gills, in The Prayerful Spirit

“Prayer is the soul’s sincere desire, unuttered or expressed,


…The motion of a hidden fire that trembles in the breast.”**

-James Montgomery


“No one comes to the Father except through Me.”

-Jesus Christ, in John 14:6

“Without me you can do nothing.”

-Jesus, in John 15:5

To draw closer to God in this din-filled world, we need help. We need… Himself, the Helper.

Precious paradox of prayer: that even when our hearts are distracted and disturbed, our ADD minds hopping all over the world and space, we have the means to approach God.

~The rent body of Christ rent the veil in God’s High Holy of Holies, opening access for us to enter (Heb 10:19-20).

~He, our High Priest has gone on in ahead of us, leading the way to where He lives on, continually interceding for us and with us (Heb 10:21;7:25; Rom 8:26,27,34).

~He sent His own Holy Spirit, the Helper, Who comes alongside us and walks us into His presence, and speaks of Him and points us toward His radiant face (John 15:26;16:7).

~And we might almost venture to say the two or three that are gathered may be solely our individual selves along with God the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit (Mt 18:20).

Flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God. Nor can unredeemed fallen flesh enter the presence of the Most High (1 Cr 15:50; Mt.16:16-17).We cannot pray as we should. We know not how. But the Spirit helps us in our weakness with utterings that cannot be expressed by human contrivance (Rom 8:26).

So what do we most need, to draw closer to God?

The help of His own Self!

And how do we obtain that?

Ask. Simply ask (Lk 11:9-13).

Call. “Call upon God” needs must be my first most important step of prayer.

This need not take long, nor many words. One of my most fervent prayers was but three short  words, “God, help us!” And even that reflexive cry contained that initial step of “Call!”

So, the C in my “One Word” C-L–O-S-E-R, stands for Call: on Him, to Him, with or without words. In the uncomplicated humility of knowing my own need and inadequacy to say right words, even know my own heart well enough to express it honestly without the help of Him who is the Truth and Who knows us better than we know ouselves.

Call on Him. Just call.


**From the hymn/poem whose title is this first line. Go to this post on homeschoolblogger.com for all the verses and a good history of and commentary on the hymn.

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22 thoughts on “Truly Closer

  1. I find that there are so many people intimidated by prayer. Really, it’s not complicated at all. Just talk to God like you would with any conversation. There are no right or wrong words as long as we express our true feelings.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Yes, Tonya! So true. Sometimes we don’t even have any words to utter. Or all we can say might be, “Oh, Lord… Oh, Lord….” He hears our HEARTS, knows every hurt, fear, sorrow, joy, and aspiration.

    Thank you for your good and helpful comment. It is sad that people are intimidated by the very thing that should give them comfort and hope and strength, and refuge.

    I hope what I am writing here isn’t leading anyone to believe there are prescribed methods or steps. I am only aiming to live and walk more closely with Him myself instead of wandering so often off that path, and what I am seeing as foremost in this is dependence NOT on self-doings, but on Him, just looking to and leaning on Him. (But oh, I’m giving away the letter L’s word…)

  3. I so love this reminder of the precious privilege that is ours in prayer. Thank you for this post!

    1. And I love the way you put that, Stacy. “Precious privilege.” That is exactly what it is. Amazing, actually.

    1. Oh, and nice to meet you, too, Jennifer. So glad you stopped by, and commented. Yes, just the fact that we, with all our smallness, weaknesses, and flaws, can connect like that with the great and mighty Creator of the Universe, it is, wow, overwhelming. So good.

    1. Ah, yes, Denise, even like to our Best Friend, because that is what He is! 🙂
      Glad you stopped by! God bless!

  4. That when two or three are gathered could me just me and the 3 persons of the Trinity. That is a new idea to me. I LOVE it!


    1. Well, it’s a new one to me, too, Dawn, and I don’t really think that’s what the Bible text is talking about there, taken in context, but… it is true, in a way, that when we pray, just alone WITH God, in communion with Him, we are in company and companionship with all He is, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and that is big, and awes me!

  5. Oh, prayer. So important. So much still to learn about this – discipline, dependence . . .

    Thank you for sharing! Great reminder!

  6. Still learning here, too, Mary, and I have lots of years into it. We’ll never learn it all in this life, but I think we often make it harder than it is. After all, how hard is it to talk to our friends? And Who’s our best Friend?
    I believe it’s best to think “dependence” more than “discipline”… or… “the discipline of dependence?” How’s that?
    God bless. More “Reasons to Praise Him” tomorrow morning, God willing.

  7. Yes, I love that, too, Sandra. May our hidden fires glow sweetly bright today.

  8. I agree with Sandra. Also, just hearing His voice — guiding, keeping, drawing, focusing — is a joyous and lovely experience. Knowing He will correct, direct, and encourage me is one of the main issues of life that I must keep deep inside, never forget or diminish.

  9. I need to do that, too, Joanne. That He does that guiding, keeping, drawing, focusing… and that he will correct, direct, and encourage us each as individuals — it’s just wondrous! I want to remember all those verbs. Thank you!

  10. “help Himself….the helper”.
    oh how I love this:):):)
    and a wonderful, tender,
    kindhearted and fiercely for us
    he is:)
    thanks for the beautiful share,

    1. And thanks, Jennifer, for the comment, so exuberant in His praise! Rejoicing with you this evening.

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