[Attention! Important! If you read the Bloodroot post of April 8, defnitely read this one!]

I could have dyed! Again! Only this would have been a lot worse than my misadventure with the goldenrod!

I’m glad I looked before I leaped, and, in researching bloodroot as dye, “happened upon” how Bloodroot can make you die, a not-nice death. (A lot of articles I read failed to mention the danger!)

It’s been a week of near misses. Things that might not kill, but would inflict… pain, if not nasty illness.

The early morning hour my stocking feet stepped all around that dim-lit bathroom floor before I noticed right between those feet, that dark irregular spot that moved, and proved to be a hornet. (Hornet stings make nasty for anyone, but misery for sensitive types like me.)

Then there was that little thing I suddenly noticed, suspended midair, right by my Bible-reading eye during morning devotions. Brownish spider, inches from my face! A brown recluse? I don’t know, I smashed it so fast between clapped hands!

Then later, in bedroom, a seeming bit of fuzz on brass coaster’s camouflage, right by where my face would lie asleep: another such spider! Again, not your benign Daddy-long legs. Spider bite made deathly ill a former (full-grown, male) occupant of this house, and I (with aforementioned sensitivity) shiver a bit each time I see what might be one of these beasties.

But Bloodroot tops the week’s list of near-miss dangers. Thank God I “happened upon” this article where (in the excerpt) Rita Buchanan describes her experience on simply carding a bit of wool dyed with it: horrible!

With my (now usual) April asthma, what would it do to me? This could have been it, folks! My next-to-last post about the mild-looking enemy that did me in. (Or, I could have ended up wishing I were dead.) But God…

All this reminds me of flashier near misses. The careening eighteen-wheeler I would have met head-on at that road curve but for my laughter at radio comedy slowing me down. The time a friend and I went flying airborne off that isolated icy road (as I prayed probably the world’s shortest prayer), near-missing huge tree to the left, steep ditch to the right, and precipitous ravine just ahead, by fallen log catching rear tires, stopping the pickup short. And… and…

Sometimes it’s preventive forethought. But often it’s so-called “co-incidence.” But I don’t call it that. I call it God’s intervention. And thank Him profusely for it.

Man knows not his time (nor does woman). Anyone reading this could depart earth in seconds. But He knows every hair on my head and every thought in it, and I believe that until He’s ready for me to go, He’ll keep me here, for whatever obscure purpose.

But who wants to mess about, tempting fate and inviting pure ugly misery, with deadly poison? Not I! So — while enjoying at safe distance its undeniable beauty — “Bah!” to bloodroot for dyeing!  

(And there’s a spiritual lesson in this somewhere, isn’t there?)


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7 thoughts on “DON’T Do This at Home! (On Poisons Disguised in Beauty)

  1. So…if you use bloodroot to dye, you could die?

    Something poetic in that thought…in a sort of Edgar Allen Poe sort of poetic fashion…

    1. Hi Hazel,
      Yes, you got the point here! It’s just so wondrous, how God has our backs!
      And it looks like you got the Captcha twice, anyhow. (I’ll eliminate the duplicate comment.) I have trouble with that, too, with my eyes going! And the audio alternative isn’t much (if any) easier. There’s a lot I need to change about my blogsite, and one thing I want to do is figure out how to deal with the Captcha thing in WordPress — and another is to get a better format for comments (so replies to comments show up as such, and so do people’s avatars). I need to take some “time off” from the blogging for other reasons, as well. So, soon I’m probably going to “disappear” for a while. But I like your Tell Me a Story idea for a blog party. I have so many stories about God having my (and other people’s) backs!

  2. I don’t think I meet that many bugs in a year at my house, Sylvia. Yikes!

    I’m glad you are safe,,,for now. smile!

    1. Hi Dawn, so nice to “see” you here again. 🙂
      Yes, I don’t know why, but this house is the most spidery one I ever lived in. I thought after we gutted the walls and redid everything, they’d be pretty well wiped out, but no… Joys of real country living? But, like Hazel says, it’s so good to know that, spiders or toxic plants or careening trucks or whatever, God still has our backs!

  3. You know, this post has me thinking. I can recall several “near-miss” events. But I never thought to combine them into a collective portrayal of God’s hand, moving on my behalf. How humbling. Thank you for writing these words.

    I so appreciate your writing.

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