He called on his cell phone from up on the hill. “Your little white flowers are out!”

I had things to do. Hiking the hill, camera in hand, hadn’t been one of them. But now it was. I’d been awaiting their arrival.

1. NEW = New blooms of bloodroot. Not really little, methinks. And not mine, either. These have been growing wild here all by God’s grace alone.

2. LIFE = The woods are full of it. Just in these drifts, multiplying more each year.

NEW LIFE spreading in old dead, amid dry leaves and twigs and wood and bark. So fitting to my flitting thoughts as I walked, perfectly timed for Resurrection Day eve. As the name is fitting, bloodroot.

3. OBVIOUS = Why they’re called bloodroot:

My aim: to gather and try for dye.[Important note, added, April 13: Don’t do this! Link here to see why.]

His aim, to shed His blood and die, to root us in, into His life, His Kingdom, His vine.

4. FRAGRANT = The hyacinth I brought home from the store, placed purposely on back seat floor, to perfume the air in the car as I drove. Delightful, sucking in deep draughts!

5. PINK = A lot of women wore it for Sunrise Service. Perfect color for its celebration!


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11 thoughts on “Scavenging for Pictures of New Life

  1. I love your photos and the text that went with it. It is fun to see the new life especially on the forest floor.

  2. I love that someone loves you enough to tell you that “your” little white flowers have bloomed. That, in itself, is a very special gift.

    Happy Easter.

    1. Yes, Jennifer, you are right! I must list that as one of my special gifts to be grateful for! Thank you for reminding me. God bless your post-Resurrection week!

  3. Great choices for the Scavenger Hunt!
    Thanks for your visit and comment on my blog.
    Happy Easter!
    Lea’s Menagerie

  4. I’m with Jennifer. The call to come see “your” flowers is just so precious AND you linked to scavenger hunt. I’m smiling ear to ear.


  5. Thank you for visiting Thoughts of Grace. I do love those figurines, we don’t look like them, I wish I had the humble grace I see in Molly, maybe in time as I allow the Master’s touch. I scrolled down through your blog and enjoyed may of your thoughts and pictures, especially the cross on the barn in light in the night. what a precious action.

    1. Oh, thank you Leslie for your kind visit and comments. I liked that look on “Molly’s” face, too, thinking I’d like to have that (permanently). Such a good portrayal of grace within. God bless your week now!

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