Did you ever only realize, once you sat down to a luxurious meal, that you were ravenously, nearly painfully hungry? And so you found yourself diving in and devouring the food as if there’d be none tomorrow?

I experienced that this morning, soul-hunger-wise.

Opening an ABS “Encounter with God” booklet to January 1, I let it lead me through Psalm 90, through “Think Further” thoughts, through beautiful considerations of God’s  great power and His beautiful love for otherwise insignificant little us. And I couldn’t get enough!

So what if the page was designated for this year’s first day? The present moment is a new beginning. Every moment holds that potential.

So on I went, savoring the flavoring, immersed, engrossed in words well put on printed page, and thoughts and feelings welling from my own head and heart. And song emerged: “O The Deep, Deep Love of Jesus,” which my heart demanded my lips sing soft in morning stillness. And as I sang I felt the words, felt the love, like that mighty ocean, all around me, underneath me, lifting me up to Him.

How did I get so hungry? Circumstances, both blessed and less-than-welcome (like return of a cold I’d thought myself rid of), threw my usual routines into chaos through the last several days. I hadn’t neglected (spiritual) nibbling here and there along my ragged, meandering path. But mere nibbling, though it staves off starvation, seldom satisfies full and deep and rich and intense as this grand breaking of fast did!

Ahhhh. I got up from there nearly staggered, as a holiday feast might do for a soul lately getting by on crumbs outside the gate.

How I thank Him for His grace gifts of this morning! 

May you also find rich feasting this day, fellow pilgrim!


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