Today I do not want to write about a prompt. I do not want to write about “brave.”

I’ve written so much about what we call bravery already anyhow. I wrote about that kind of thing here and here, for instance. And I wouldn’t have called myself brave at  those times, because they were mostly about me being timid and trembling and trying like crazy to wiggle out of what God clearly wanted me to do.

The only act I can think of being close to brave in itself is that standoff with the porcupine. It does seem, if I recall rightly, that instinctive protectiveness did somehow kick in then and I went forth because otherwise, something very nasty was likely to happen soon to some poor, dear, dumb sheep.

Hearing about it later, a young man declared to me his wife would never have done that, and I begged to differ with him. If she had a child to protect, I think she would, in a blink. I’m not naturally brave at all, but God does build into us those brave bits for when they’re needed in an instant. 

Instinct or not, I did pray my way through that episode.  But all the other times I stood and did the “brave” right, it wasn’t instinct or bravery at all, with prayer sprinkled in, but utter dependence on Him all the way! [Stop]

Well, it looks like I wrote it after all. I set the timer and “went at it,” because not only did I not feel like writing about brave, I didn’t feel like writing at all. And exercises like this are good jumpstarts for reluctant, lazy writers! Hm, who knows, now: this wet day just might become a marathon of writing…


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7 thoughts on “A Reluctant Writer on Bravery

  1. “I’m not naturally brave at all, but God does build into us those brave bits for when they’re needed in an instant.” So true!

    I’m not brave either. In fact, I almost started my post on “brave” by stating: “I was born not brave.”

    And I love what you said here because as soon as I read the word “brave,” I didn’t want to write on it either. I thought about skipping the link-up today. Then I stayed up, scrubbing my bathroom, while pondering about “brave.” Like you, I ended up writing about it after all.

    So funny how it works that way. Okay, now I need to go read that story about the standoff with the porcupine. Really!?!

  2. Yes, Nancy, that is the real truth. I guess we’re actually bravest when we’re most scared but go ahead and do the right thing anyway, having to depend fully on God to get us through. Thanks for your visit and good comment.

  3. And chuckle, Laura? I’m glad. I found myself chuckling at myself when I got done “not writing”! Thanks for stopping to visit and comment.

  4. Denise, I think I was not only “born not brave,” but grew less brave as I went through my childhood. It’s amazing, though, isn’t it, what God can do with what we don’t have! God bless you and your own “not-writing” (smile), which BTW was excellent, and so is your beautiful handwriting!

  5. Dear Sylvia,

    Interesting that you should not want to write when that is all I want to do lately. There has been a fountain released in my life and I can’t type fast enough. I’m at the age, too, when, if I don’t get it typed, I can’t remember what I wanted to type. It’s not funny! LOL!

    That’s what I love about the community of bloggers I read on a regular basis. When I am dry they seem full to overflowing and just pour into me. I hope you stop by Scripture and a Snapshot at my place today.

    Love you,

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