Linking up with today Ashley Sisk’s photo SCAVENGER HUNT SUNDAY 



(Snapshot #2 below is a scripture!)

These are the week’s prompts:

Vintage  —   Word or Quote  —  Nature’s Own  —  People  —  Photographer’s Choice 


1. Vintage

Grandma's Hat and Handiwork


2. Word or Quote

How to Walk in the Light


3. Nature’s Own

Nature's brushes. Teasel Weeds. Used historically to raise the nap on woolen blankets, by brushing in one direction.


4. People

Like Father, Like Daughter


5. Photographer’s Choice

Rustic Texture



21 thoughts on “Scavenger Hunt Sunday 3/18/12

  1. I am at your place while you are at mine! Thank you for the sweet compliment. I love your photos, especially the one with the teasel weeds. Because even weeds have a purpose to God don’t they? Have a blessed day of worship Sylvia.

  2. What great photos! Love the people one and great verse! Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog! Happy Sunday!

  3. Pretty pictures! I especially like the one of the vintage hat.

    Thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog!

  4. Hi again, Shelly. Yes, that’s so true about weeds. We underestimate their benefits because they’ re so profuse.
    And soon it will be dandelion time! (Beautiful things, dandelions.)

  5. Thanks, Ruthie, Hannah, Linda, and Karen. That’s my one for the week from the archives, especially dear to me — makes me chuckle every time I look at it.

  6. Hi Katie (Lloyd),
    Yes, He will, indeed. Sometimes in amazing ways. (I just had to write about this — and photography — in the next post.)
    Thank you so much for hosting. I really like Scripture and a Snapshot, love to look at the combos others put together.

  7. Thanks for commenting, Tamar, Sandra, Ashley. Yes, I liked the way the textures turned out in that pic, and it was a shot in the dark — er, light. I couldn’t see what I was doing because the sun was so bright in my eyes and on the camera. Just shot a bunch and picked one.

  8. Hi Stasha and Kati, that hat really was my grandmother’s, and older than it looks. (She wore it, but took care of it). It was neat to have a reason to feature it somewhere.

  9. Sylvia,
    Thank you for this encouraging post. I am such a dudtz when it comes to photography, but I do appreciate a good photo when I see one.

    Blessings to you …Marsha @ Spots and Wrinkles

    1. Thanks and blessings back to you, Marsha. (Your Website name has really captured me! I’ve got to come over and check it out!)

  10. Nice pictures! My favorite one is the one of the thistles or Teasel Weeds! To me, thistles represent forgiveness through Christ (you know, the crown of thorns). In fact, the Celtic symbol for Christ is the thistle. I have taken all sorts of pictures of them — blooming and dried. I absolutely love them! Thanks for sharing! Blessings, Joan

  11. Hm, Joan, I didn’t know that about the thistle. Interesting — and something a Robertson (even if only by marriage) ought to know, methinks! I’ll never look at a thistle, or a teasel, the same way again! Thanks for visiting and commenting!

  12. Love your photos! My husband is a photographer on the side and I am learning how to see through the camera. I could go around all day just taking pictures 🙂

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