Five Minute Friday, and the joke’s on me!


The prompt word to free-write about is “eat,” and I’m sitting here with indigestion—admittedly from eating too much, and too carelessly, today…


I see I’ve already started in on the writing, without giving myself the usual “Go!” as I punch the timer—because I’d already started thinking about the subject before I checked in at Kate’s website to get the prompt.

Thoughts I had about eating:

“I need to drink more water and eat less food!”

People who eat frugally, sparingly, enjoy their food more abundantly.

Having too much can spoil our enjoyment.

Studies have shown obese people do not enjoy their food as much as skinnier folk.

This principle reaches into lots of other areas. Too much entertainment and we end up “bored.” The more clothes our wardrobes bulge with, the more likely we are to whine, “I have nothing to wear!” An overabundance of choices of things to do with our hours, our days, our lives, leave us confused, overloaded, tired out, and discontent, seemingly unable to find the satisfaction we crave.

These thoughts make me think of these words of Christ in a different light: “Come to me, all you who are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke… my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.” They bring to mind the parable about the grave, weighty danger of “the cares of this life and the abundance of riches.”

How important not to “overeat”! And I’m not just talking about too much literal food giving us indigestion!

(Time to stop.)

4 thoughts on “Overeating Life!

    1. Thanks, Emma. But they weren’t really just about food. I would say they were more about how we can too often try to gobble up everything rather than slowly savor selectively. Thanks for stopping to comment.

    1. Yep, Lynn. We can also confuse ourselves with so many options we either try to grab all the opportunities at once or else get paralyzed by indecision! Thanks for visiting and commenting!

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