Away for a few days…

Sweet times with loved ones, blessedly spending more time being with than doing with, finding some much needed white space and slow-down, I loved it so much I slowed down to Stop!

It’s time now to turn the inertia back into momentum. So I pick up the Five Minute Friday prompt word and



They go to the park, because the yard behind their house is too small for play, too sloped to do much even if it covered more ground.

They go to the park and they fly a kite or befriend some stranger’s dog or walk all around and look at things or make new friends and play tag or sit on a bench and talk. And if it’s a park that has picnic tables, they sometimes take lunch and eat there, too.

Me?  I go park myself on my own bench in my own yard and look up between trees to see amber and bronze and deep red happening all around, blazing bright against deep blue, to watch gold shower down, sprinkling the air with fragments of light as they flutter earthbound.








img_1328 Then it starts to rain real wetness and I park myself on my porch and watch the show from there.

Does it matter if the bench is public, or private, or non-existent, with the leaf-strewn ground providing the lounging place? It all belongs to God, it’s all His great big park, and we’re all invited to enjoy.

So, this weekend… let’s all take the time just to enjoy!


6 thoughts on “Park Where You May

    1. Thank you for kind encouragement, Karrilee. So nice to meet you. Glad you “happened” by.

  1. So true “The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof” And He has given it all to us to enjoy. Love this! Visiting from FMF #28 and thanks for visiting me and your lovely comment.

    1. The perfect, fitting verse with which to worship Him and enjoy that fullness. Thank you, Mary, for sharing it and your comment. God bless you with much enjoyment today!

  2. Sylvia-Just the bit of encouragement I needed this morning. . . Even though we’re parked next to God’s beach sometimes I get pulled into all kinds of emotional turbulence…and forget that he wants me to enjoy Nature more than exploring and probing and documenting it all. Today’s intent: enjoy!
    Love the fall variety in your yard and the towering trees. Also I forgot about FMF…I always enjoyed perusing the posts and the one word prompts…enjoy your comings and goings today.

    1. Kel, I’m so glad this is prompting you to set your intention toward enjoyment today. It’s hard to maintain the balance, isn’t it? I can sometimes get so focused on enjoying I neglect to document, and other times (worse yet!) get so focused on documenting that I neglect/forget to enjoy!
      Also, your mentioning the trees “in my yard,” makes me pause and realized they *aren’t” all in my yard, but some quite beyond its boundaries. I realize that getting immersed in the wonder of God’s creation widens our boundaries, even to the ends of the earth in a sense, because it *is* all His big park, meant for us all to enjoy, and our reveling need not be confined to some space to which we claim “ownership.”

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