“GIFT” is the prompt word for this week’s




“’Tis a gift to be simple, ’tis a gift to be free, ’tis a gift to come down where you ought to be…”

Those words from the old Shaker hymn come to my mind first with the prompt word “gift.”

“Simple”? In this complicated world? In this complicated life of mine (which might not look complicated but is, with nearly every day presenting some discombobulating complication)? You bet it’s a gift. But have I that simplicity amid and despite all the complications? I don’t know…

“Free”? I certainly don’t feel free. I feel too much lately instead like I want to break free. There is something that binds me, holds me invisibly, prisoner.

Have I come down where I ought to be? Well, I’ve certainly come down. But I don’t feel that the down where I have come to is the down where I ought to be. It doesn’t seem just. And God is just as well as merciful.


Maybe I ought to think of the simple, free gifts that He gives me everyday.

I do that. I count them. Without numbers. With naming, and thank-You’s. And just that has a way of simplifying, freeing, bringing down to peace and settledness. A gift.


4 thoughts on “A Gift Worth Cultivating

  1. Thankful for 5 minute Fridays and Thoughtful words from you in the middle of my crazy month of June.

    1. And I am thankful for you, Laurie, and your encouraging and often insightful comments here. God bless amid the crazy!

  2. God has so many free gifts for us that we are not utilizing. Search the scriptures for in them is life. His gifts are free, as we yield and submit to his will.

    1. Good words, Hazel. Good thoughts. You have set me on a little quest this morning for how many free gifts to the yielded, submitted soul I can find in a couple good psalms. Thank you. Blessings on your week!

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