Five-Minute Friday FreeWrite prompt: “Follow.”



Oh, my Soul…

When you’re lost in the woods, and someone walks by, and off toward somewhere, you will naturally want to jump up and follow them. The need to get out of this lostness will drive you.

But where are they going? Where will they lead? Will anyone else come by and walk past, and go on to a better place?

Desperation can drive you to follow the first and possibly only, but Wisdom whispers, “Wait.”

But wait while lost? Wait in need? Wait when all seems falling apart and falling away, when even survival itself seems to depend on getting out of this lostness at any cost?

The cost of lost is desperate confusion. But getting found by the wrong things, that price is higher yet. And ends you up more lost than before.

Wait. There is One Who passes through, indeed waits Himself here in the shadows and in the whispers of wind even now, surrounds you with His Presence, invisible.  Why He is not making Himself easily known may knit your brow, and hands, and heart. But listen. Stop yourself from precipitous pursuit of straw men blown by wild gales, or false light shining off tumult-tumbled trash through trees. Wait to realize His Presence. Follow the True. Only. You may even find following Him means staying right where you are. But no longer lost.



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4 thoughts on “Follow… What?

    1. Excellent word, Laurie. One that activates so many thoughts for me and evokes so many verses… Scripture’s full of “wait,” isn’t it?

    1. Yep! 🙂
      Righto, Hazel!
      (We do get fooled sometimes, though, don’t we?

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