IMG_1506     “The grass has to stand very still as it holds its precious “weight of glory”—and so has the soul on whom the dew of the Spirit comes. …As easily as this dew, His dew is brushed off—some of us know it to our cost. An impulse of impatience, a sense of hurry or worry allowed to touch us, a mere movement of the self-life against His checking and [it] is gone, and our soul stands stripped and bare. Noiseless must be His Holy Habitation within us. 

–I. Lilias Trotter, quoted in A Blossom in the Desert,

compiled and edited by Miriam Huffman Rockness

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16 thoughts on “Noiseless Within

  1. Hi There! I am coming over from Still Saturday.

    I love your quote…it reminds me of another similar concept. When we pray, we fill our cups with grace. For the rest of the day we must be careful not to slosh the cup, and lose what has been given. Same idea as the grass, I think.

    Your photo is nicer than a cup of tea, I think!
    So nice to meet you today 🙂

    1. And so glad to meet you, too, Ceil! I’m so glad you stopped over. And I will remember your teacup thought. Thank you for it.

  2. Dear Sylvia
    But in spite of our foolishness, Jesus still invite to come to Him, after every fall, just admitting our failure and great need. He invites us to draw close to
    Him to receive grace and mercy in times of need.
    Blessings XX

    1. Oh, Mia, I’m so glad you mentioned this truth—one I desperately need! I would be utterly sunk without it! I was just thinking that in Christ I am what I am at this particular moment in time. Not what I was twenty hours ago, thank God! For where my mind and heart may have been a mess then, He has (at my coming crying to Him) cleaned up both and gotten them in happier, godlier order. Nor am I what I will be three hours, or even ten minutes from now. I may misstep and He will stand me up again and dust me off and kiss the boo-boos my stumble inflicted, but oh, how sweet if in ten minutes or ten hours I might still, by His power be walking with Him in His beauty and grace! (My prayer.)

      I always love seeing your name appear in my comments. A beautiful day to you, Mia!

  3. So often we prefer to run and not enjoy the stillness. This is such a lovely quote!
    Be still my soul and drink it all in!

    1. Thanks, Dayle. I’m so glad I discovered Lilias Trotter. She had so many beautiful and insightful things to say. Blessings to you!

  4. love that quote about the dandelion – seem to be seeing it a lot lately. love your new and radiant look here too!

    1. Thank you, Pam. I’m was elated to see you are familiar with Lilias and left a quote of hers, too. God bless you, dear sister!

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