{I looked out the window this morning and thought of this post, from almost exactly two years ago, and its photos… Because it’s just that kind of day. So, today, a “stilling” repost…}

Today sparkles.

It shimmers, it shines. It twinkles in its trembling.

It reflects the light.

All things in this dewiness, moist with living water, glow bright with living light. Even the ragged and untrimmed. Even the blemished and diseased, even the fallen and dying, that have the beauty of the water and the light.

She wrote it long ago, Lilias Trotter did: “It was in a little wood in early morning… suddenly, from a dark corner… there shone out a great golden star!” [From A Passion for the Impossible, p. 331.]

“It was but a low-down dandelion! But it was standing “full face to the sun, and had caught into its heart all the glory it could hold, and was shining so radiantly that the dew that lay on it still made a perfect aureole round its head. And it seemed to talk, standing there—to talk about the possibility of making the very best of these lives of ours.”

I am lowly, yet I can shine. Washed with the living water of the word, sprinkled with my tears and His blood, standing full face to the Son. It happens. The light shines brilliant over me, and I too can sparkle. And gleam. And shine.

Thanking God today…

for the washing of the water of His word

for the sunshine of this morning’s light

for the greater, richer light of His Presence, always there for me, if I will focus “full face to” it, catch into my heart all the glory it can hold, to shine back radiant, myself like the low dandelion in the wood.

for the health and energy to meet the day, enthused

for eyes that can still see all these beauties around me, of earth and sky and water brook, and even a few of eternity

“for the love which from [my] birth over and around [me] lies.”

May your day today, dear reader—and your spirit—sparkle, and shimmer, and shine in His blessings.

Still Saturday

11 thoughts on “Of Sparkle and Shine

  1. WOW! this is beautiful and perfect for this day. It is the second time today that I have read something by Lillias Trotter whom I do not know. She writes with beauty through her words. And I was also thinking about you this afternoon as it has been a long time since I stopped by. God knows just what I need. Praise Him.
    Caring through Christ, ~ linda

    1. Hi Linda. So glad this ministered to you. Lilias Trotter is worth getting to know. If you click on the book link above it will take you to a book company that offers several of her books, precious gems that almost disappeared. I thank God her writings are being “rescued” from oblivion. Blessings to you this day. (May it “sparkle”!)

  2. Your ending to this post struck my heart, “May your day today, dear reader—and your spirit—sparkle, and shimmer, and shine in His blessings.” I woke this morning singing “This is the Day that the Lord hath made, let us rejoice and be glad in it.” Thank you for a beautiful reminder to shine and shimmer for Jesus.

  3. Hazel’s comment is just about what I’d say, too. I loved the photos and I loved the joyfulness of seeing bright, sparkly lights around and about the “world”. That’s all I can count on. Love to see them, love to rejoice with them.

    Thank you.

  4. 2nd time I’ve come across that beauteous quote from Trotter in a few days, love her words… lovely post, Sylvia!

    1. One of God’s happy “happenstances,” Pam. Surprised and delighted me, too! Hoping and praying your commenting means your wrist is healing.

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