Free writing for Five Minute Friday…


How very uncanny that the Five Minute Friday word should be listen today! Listen, the next word in my acronym closer, my theme word for last year, and again this year, the part of drawing closer [to God] that next needs review.


Call was C. on God. Crucial. But listen is every bit as important. For how can I be intimately close to one I do not listen to intimately? He has so much to say to guide me, comfort me, strengthen me and imbue me with courage and direction. How could I ignore any of this counsel or slough it off like so much dandruff and still pretend to myself I am desiring and striving toward greater closeness with Him?

Yes, I need Him dreadfully. And so I cry out to Him. But what do I cry out for? Do I not expect a reply? Or do I think He should just hush up and listen to all my important words? Or that I should dictate what He should do, and He act obediently?

A closer walk in any love relationship is a two way conversation. If one of the two just talks, seldom truly listens, it is no relationship but a pretense. Calling out to someone and listening for their answer back go together inseparably. One is useless without the other.

Today I shall take some time to station myself on the rampart of my life and see what He has to say to me.


6 thoughts on “Listening, Today

  1. Stopping by from Lisa-Jo’s! Praying that God will speak into your heart as you listen to Him today! I know that He is faithful to do it!

    1. Thank you, Jessica. Prayer for each other is such a great gift. And yes, I know too that He truly is faithful to do it!

  2. Wow, this is so much what I needed to hear today. Let’s pray I listen to your advice. How often I ask, but never wait for an answer before running off and then returning to just ask again. Thank you!

    1. Amy, I know what you mean. I sometimes think I’m a good listener to God, but then the evidence piles up of how many times I do just what you’re saying. I’ll pray for you as Jessica has prayed for me. A blessed day to you!

  3. Thank you, Cindi. So do I. The hand of God at work again, doesn’t it surely seem?

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