And so I steal into that northeastern room to stand just a while at my sunrise window and waken and still my soul, attune it to attentiveness…


The view is usual, but soft, and encourages as always to linger in the stillness till I’ve settled in His presence before the world makes haste to steal the peace away…

I watch the repeating phenomenon I love, the forming of the fog strands in the meadow—forming, then rising slowly to meld with heaven’s flow…


I almost miss the something elsewhere—in the high grass nearer by…


Deer grazing silent, secreted by shadow and vapor reflecting light. 


May I be this morning like the fog that rises, breath by breath to mesh with heaven, like the deer who grazes early in the silence.





Thanking God for His living lesson in Morning’s field.


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14 thoughts on “Lessons in Stillness at a Morning Window

  1. Dear Sylvia
    I can only imagine how totally overwhelmed you must have been with this gift of grace from your Pappa’s hand. I am sure He planned this all just to bring joy to His daughter’s heart!
    Much love XX

  2. Yes, Mia, it’s big, that grace and its gifts. He supplies them a lot, too, doesn’t He? — If we’re “available” to perceive and receive! What a loving, gentle Savior-Shepherd! Love back to you!

  3. How beautiful! How we long for that stillness and knowing that He is God. So vital to begin each day that way. Thank you for the reminder!

    1. Donna, I’m so glad you stopped over here, so glad to make your acquaintance! I look forward to visiting you more in the future. Rich blessings to you!

  4. What a beautiful view of God’s creation you have, Sylvia! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and these amazing photos with all of us. Inspiring and comforting, my friend!

  5. And thank you, friend Beth! You’re right; I am blessed to be able to look out on this. (Here’s where I do a lot of my praying/mind wandering. heh.)

  6. What a beautiful view out your window, Sylvia. I love your image of the fog rolling away from your own spirit. Lovely.

  7. Such a gift, Sylvia. I felt my breath slow and steady as I read these sweet words. Oh, those moments in the stillness! Precious, precious time with the One who is Love.

  8. Oh, Laura, I’m so glad it did that for you. I just had the same kind of experience yesterday reading two other women’s blog posts where I got to share their lovely natural surroundings. Blessings to you!

  9. Thanks, Pam. I do love to stand (or sit) at that window and watch the clouds happen, on earth, in sky, and moving in between. My prayer and reverie spot. 🙂

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