Do you see it, that little dot of light just above the horizon, slightly left of center?

When it first caught my eye, it startled. “What could that be?” I wondered. Too large for a star, and wrong time of day. Too still for a plane or UFO. Fading, then reappearing, sometimes flashing brilliant.

Then I detected the feeble silhouette (look hard, below, it’s there), and knew it was sunlight, glancing off its flailing surface to my eyes…

Yet now when I look out and see that simple homestead windmill, whether flashing sun’s reflection or silhouetted gray against clouds, it surprises me again.

The biggest surprise is that I can see it at all!

By just last summer I couldn’t. It had faded. Rather, my eyesight had. The corneal dystrophy that plagued my eyes had worsened. There were lots of things I couldn’t see well…

That was to be expected. Continued deterioration of vision, perhaps to the point of full blindness someday, was something just to accept—a genetic disorder medical science knows no way of arresting, let alone reversing.

But then, last fall, I found myself seeing things that, before, had appeared fogged up even on good (dry, stress-free) days. Something astounding had happened!

Even now, this late-winter morning, I can still look out and see it, my sign of wonder there on the hill.

Not with perfect vision (20-20 that I’ve never enjoyed), nor fully cured condition, for I still have times when fatigue or stress affect my eyesight. And I don’t know if this will last. But still there’s improvement no one could expect (except God, and childlike believers.)

This trouble with my seeing, it has to do with the eye’s wondrous workings by God’s design, which we all take for granted, even when ignorant of it:

On one of the cornea’s layers special little cells act like mini water pumps, ridding the cornea of debris and excess moisture.

When they begin to die and drop (inexplicably) no new cells replace them. So the cornea fills with moisture and muck like a steamy soap-scummed shower stall and the view beyond gets clouded. Other troubles strike when the remaining cells attempt the work of the previous many. Spreading out trying to cover all bases, they can stretch beyond their limits, and burst, inflicting pain instead.

So what can I do but take my vitamins, get my sleep, and avoid stress, so that what remains works as well as possible? That’s all.

And yet…

There’s my beacon on the hill, in my clear view. Along with other signs of improvement.

So, in reflection on all of this, I’m especially thanking God this day for…

  • the surprising reflection on the hill
  • ability still to see not only its reflecting, but even its pale gray silhouette 
  • amazing workings of my eye, marvelous instrument far more complex than what I learned in school
  • joyful beauty of eight, yes eight, bright cardinals busy together at the feeder
  • books I’d packed up to sell or give away, that I’ve put back on the bookshelves
  • fun of working a jigsaw puzzle with Husband, able to discern color nuances. (Last year it got too frustrating to enjoy.)
  • ability to “do the taxes” myself this year, after all—though I still wouldn’t call that fun! (Last year, pale lines and boxes on forms nearly drove me to distraction!)
  • ability to differentiate blackish navy from bluish black of socks I’d assigned last year to separate drawers to avoid wearing navy with black slacks (blush)!
  • That I was only with knowing friends when I did that color faux pas!
  • For candles lined up, glowing, on our supper tabletop, custom resurrected from the past.
  • For color beauty in foods:
    • multi shades of fresh peppers from the store,
    • red apples and bright oranges in a basket together
    • clear green of broccoli, frozen from summer’s garden, cooked just enough
    • dried herbs harvested from patio bed, still holding green hue and fresh taste
  • crunch of pecans in the color mix of a tasty sweet potato salsa
  • blue shadows on new snow…
  • subtle shades on morning’s horizon

I could go on and on…



14 thoughts on “Surprising Reflection

  1. The gift of sight is so taken for granted. The human eyeball points to the awesome greatness of our Creator. The earth declares His majesty… We get to record it… Nice job and reminder of the things taken for granted…

  2. Yes, Floyd, we do take so much for granted. I have long thanked God for being able to see, long before I knew I had this vision problem in the making, and I so enjoyed the beautiful sights of His creation. But I took for granted all that my eyesight enabled me to do, without which I can be greatly, if not entirely, hindered. We should never get up and go about our day, taking for granted all He enables us to do. Just our daily life is a whole bunch of wonders, isn’t it?

    And yes, the human eye is a special marvel!

  3. I rejoice with you in God’s healing of your eyes, Sylvia, and encourage you not to even entertain the thought (or words) that it might not last. Praise to Jehovah Rapha our healer, and the Lord risen with healing in his wings…for you! 🙂

  4. I went to MedExpress, an urgi-center here in my town, when my cough got so bad I could not function. The two best family practice doctors from town left their practices and went to work for this urgi-center. When I need a doctor, I go there. After a thorough exam based on my symptoms and a good professional exchange all of a sudden Dr Eric crossed his arms and leaned against the wall and exclaimed, “Isn’t the human body simply marvelous and just imagine anyone thinking there is not a Master Designer behind it all.” I could not have agreed more.

    Reading your blog today, I was transported back to that day, a week ago Sunday when my doctor and I marveled at the handiwork of God within each of us. To think there are cells in the cornea made especially to clean out the debris of the cornea and when they cannot sustain themselves we get lost in a cloud of eye debris. I have studied a lot of anatomy and physiology and I never even heard of this. How majestic is His name in all the earth.

    I praise God for your cells, your vision and freedom from pain. I praise Him for your testimony that reminds all of us that, even on a cellular level, He alone is God.

  5. Your writing always blesses me, but when you write about your sight, I am incredibly aware of all my blessings. I am glad you can see that beacon on the hill!

  6. Blindness runs in my family, my great grandmother was blind, my grandma in one eye, my brother is now blind and the other is going blind, all from glucoma and another illness. I have it too but surgery has worked well for me but still have to wear glasses. Our little 4 year old grand daughter just started wearing glasses…worrisome thing with such a strong genetic pull with the eyes. I am sure you have grown to appreciate the eyesight you have…wondersous things the eyes aren’t they. Good honest post. Blessings

  7. Cool doctor, Dawn! I love that conversation you had!
    And I couldn’t agree more, either! That God is God of the universe in all His hugeness is beyond understanding– but what moves me to awe even more is His attention to the tiny, tiny things that we can’t even see. God of wonders for sure!

  8. Thanks, Tereasa. It’s so good to share the joy. I read your posts and both admire your spirit and count my blessings as well. God’s best to you in your new home!

  9. Hi Betty,
    My mom was legally blind, at an earlier age than I am now, and she was such an example to me. She didn’t let it stop her! I remember going home to visit, taking her to the local stores, and not being able to keep up with here as she scurried up and down the aisles, knowing just where this or that was! I was blessed to have her for my mother.

    I will be thinking of you and praying for you. Only God knows what lies ahead for any of us, and today there are so many good helps for visually impaired people, it’s so much better than in grandmother’s time. Much to thank Him for along those lines, too. So glad you happened over here and left this comment!

  10. So glad to hear you’re still able to see so much more, Sylvia – and so much more than I do, all your gratitude for things I take for granted. Thank you for sharing all of this, friend!

  11. Hello:

    You don’t know me, I’ve come to your website through someone you do know, Dawn. Dawn is my pastors wife at the little church I attend. I believe you know her. I was greatly inspired by your words on your eye condition. She suggested I read your blog after last Sunday when I announced & asked for prayers both on my understanding & healing for this same disease. You see I was just to the Eye Dr. on 1/23/13 and after 2-1/2 hrs of testing was told that I have this same disease of the eyes (Fuch’s Dystrophy). I had never heard of it nor had anyone else I talked to. When I was told by the Dr. all I could say was Ok….. She asked if I had any questions but really couldn’t think what to say. I figured my burred vision when I was at work or home on the computer or reading was just from being tired or overworked. I think I laughed, it’s too incredulous. I thought yah right, what are you talking about I can see fine. A few days later when I started to thing a little more about it I looked it up and found the basic description of what it is and does but still feel I have questions I don’t know how or who can answer. I’m even still a little skeptical that the Dr. was right. I don’t have halo’s around lights when I look at them. But maybe it’s in the early stage. I get blurred vision and it seems my eyes water almost all the time. The only things I’ve found on it is what happens but no possible time frame of how long. But maybe that is a blessing in itself. I believe there is a long journey ahead but I do believe as you say that God is there if we reach out to him not only in shocking, horrifying moments but every day in the little ones. Sometimes the little moments are what impact us the most. Not a very good prognosis on treatment either. When I googled it 2 days after being told about it I got a general description of what it was, was it does, and what treatments are available and the Mayo Clinic popped up as well but all it did was mirror the same as the general explanation. I am on drops 4x daily, I go back to the Eye Dr. the end of February. I feel I have never taken any of my sense for granted but when something like this comes up you begin to thing a little more in depth. It’s wonderful though how the Holy Spirt guides us, I don’t feel even a little afraid at this point!!! Maybe because I don’t yet have any of the pronounced eye issues that are to follow. I still feel that maybe I should get a 2nd opinion as something this important I don’t want to be misled. I have a very hard time even putting the drops in. I have always been very sensitive when it comes to my eyes. I don’t like someone else to touch them. Any words from you on any point of this topic would be greatly welcomed!!! Dawn Immediately directed me to you as she told me last Sunday she had just read your blog on it the same week I was diagnosed with it. I believe God knows what we need and who we need at any given point in our lives for any number of reasons. I don’t believe this is chance that Dawn read your blog and I was directed by her to you. I believe God does things in such a wonderful, marvelous ways as to benefit more than just one person. In his infinite wisdom and understanding of his creation he ultimately knows whats best for us, though we would rarely like to goe through some of the lessons laid before us. When he brings us through, around or over the hurtle there is usually a profound appreciation, spiritual understanding we just can’t get any other way. I believe in all lifes lesson good or bad, particularly bad help us to grow spiritually and to build on our relationship with our Heavelny Father make our lives more whole. I look forward to hearing from you and reading your blog. May God bless you in your affliction and bring you through the fire. Already you have inspired and helped. It’s always a comfort to know you’re not alone!!

    1. Hi Crystal!
      I’m so glad you left your comment! I read what Dawn said in her blog post, and thought, like you, “This is no mere coincidence!”
      I’ll try emailing you. So check your junk mail if an email from me doesn’t show up in your inbox.
      I’m sure God has brought us together, and it’s a great blessing to me also not be alone in this!
      Blessings to you!

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