Something has happened!

To me!

First you should know that people have been praying. For my eyesight.

You also need to know that modern medical science says corneal deterioration from Fuchs’ dystrophy (like mine) doesn’t get better, only worse. It NEVER just improves.

Well, guess what?

Saturday night:

He has a DVD he wants to watch. As it enters its little rectangular receptacle with that familiar whirring sound, I glance idly at its case left on the coffee table, and read the words on the back. Crisp black words on white background. So clear…

Clear? Too clear! This size font hasn’t looked clear to me for some time, no matter how bright the contrast.

But now it does!

Puzzled, I try the smallest print, at the bottom.

I’m reading it!

What’s going on?

I think of the miniature books we have, each about two by three inches in size, with really teensy print… If I can read that…! (I haven’t been able to for several years…)

Excited, but wary, I slip over to the bookcase, pluck a tiny volume from the shelf, open at random…

And read! Aloud to Husband, who peeks at the text. He can’t read it! (Without his glasses.) Only the nearsighted and clear-eyed can. Which, in our family, used to be me. Used to.

And right now is again!

I pick another random page, read aloud, now wide-eyed.

Pill bottles! Pill bottle labels have been driving me crazy these days with their microscopic letters. Have been…

I hurry out of the living room, through dining room and kitchen to fling open the bathroom medicine cabinet door. I seek out the smallest print I can find — and read it! (Another pill bottle, then another, then back to the living room to try the dim-print-on-cheap-paper of the James Herriot book whose pages blurred before me previously… Now? No problem!) 

Slipping on my glasses, I look up toward the flat-screen and watch. The signs, titles, captions on the video all come through to my brain. Clear!

Then I remember Wednesday, when I drove errands. None of the usual blurring and distortion hindered and disturbed…

I also think of how, lately, I’ve been reading my KJV without any trouble, even the small print it uses for Revelation’s praises –- a Bible I hardly touched anymore because it grew too hard to read.

Also, yesterday, reading somebody’s blog, I thought, “Man, this uses tiny lettering!”  Yet I was reading it!

I itch to go driving next day. Getting to that seminar to which we’re invited will take 40 minutes, partly on often bustling highway. Driving this kind of road had become unsafe for me. But now? Husband will be with me, and can take over if I can’t see well at any point…

So next day (Sunday), we go, I drive, and highway lettering stands out clearly, even with mist and fog and high humidity (trouble makers for my eye condition).

“What happened?” someone asks.

I don’t know. I can’t explain, except…

“I once was [going] blind, but now I see!” And people have been praying: some that my vision wouldn’t get worse, but a few asking the “impossible”: vision improvement! Recently I finally put my own fingers on my closed eyes and asked God, if He willed, to heal them.



I don’t deserve this. I really, really don’t. Just this week I was resenting my limitations!

Nevertheless, He blesses. Who can fathom His ways?

“Bless the Lord, O my soul, and all that is within me bless His holy name!” (Ps 103)

This. opens. doors…


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4 thoughts on “Healing Miracle? Mine Eyes have Seen the Glory, and the Small Print!

  1. It’s astounding, Mary. I’m still trying to process this, and figure what it now means in terms of His path for me from here on, change of direction or no.

    Thanks for taking the time to stop by.

  2. Yes, Bobbi, yes! Been thinking of you. Got your new email addy, and will email…

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