“While all acts of generosity are divine, perhaps it is the small touch, the personal touch, that elevates the season’s pleasures high above the realm of obligation.” –Arlene Hamilton Stewart, A Woman’s Christmas


“As we cease from self, and our soul becomes still to God, God will arise and show Himself… Then you shall ‘know that I am God.’

“There is no stillness like the stillness Jesus gives when He speaks, ‘Peace, be still.’ In Christ, in His death, and in His life, in His perfected redemption, the soul may be still, and God will come in, and take possession, and do His perfect work.” – Andrew Murray, Waiting on God


Two aims I have, this first day of this last month, for each day’s pilgrimage on toward Christ’s Day:

~one small touch, that points to beauty, serenity, glory of God.

~one small piece of time aside, to quiet and think on the Christ’s arriving, a moment reserved apart, for my soul to die again to self, to “wait in silence,” to “wait only upon God.”

 “My soul, be thou still only unto God!”


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6 thoughts on “Two Small December Aims

  1. Hi Shelly,
    It is so good to “see” you here. Peace and joy to you this Christmas season, despite all — and maybe even in part because of it all…
    I sense beauty coming on…
    I will email you.

  2. Thank you, Sandra. I do so appreciate your Still Saturday link-up. What a blessing to have one with such a blessed theme and aim! God bless and prosper it — and you!

  3. Beautiful aims, Sylvia! I should do something like this in the future. So far this year I’ve had no time to slow . . . that needs to change.

  4. Well, Mary, you know what the poem says about the best laid plans of mice and men… The first aim got much stymied by sickness, but that did give me greater opportunity for the second aim!
    Hope you get some slow-down time for a while now! And a very blessed Christmas!

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