After a weekend of exuberant activity, like that just past, I like to have a come-down day, a settle-the-soul day, a day of quietly following the whispers of whims (only gentle ones, nothing overambitious), if I can.

And yes, yes, I count myself blessed, because I can do that this morning.

After the husband-ground-and-brewed coffee, after the slow movement of waking, shaking out the aching, in limbs and back, from extra sleep (ah! luxury!), how good to sit against propped plump pillows on the neat-made bed, with no pressing agenda, no fist full of lists, no notebook or journal (but this), not even a Bible yet. Just to sit and settle and let gratitude flow as leisurely as it will.

Such a wellful of it lies rich and dense and flavorful and strong in my heart this morning, too loaded to stream forth and fade like one quick vaporous cloud.

Even to recite a list seems inappropriate today.

Just sitting silent this morning, silent and smiling, soul saturated with His beneficence.

May your blessings also have moments for quiet percolation and savory slow flow, someplace in this day…


6 thoughts on “Afterword: A Savoring

  1. Simply beautiful…..savoring with you, and gazing at that strawberry-blueberry sky and drinking in my fill of it.

    1. Hi Lynn,
      Nice to have a companion in savoring His blessings. May your day be filled with them tomorrow as well!

  2. Your writing is so rich with imagery and light. A gem to savor too, in a few words. Thanks Sylvia!

  3. Thank you for kind encouragement, Pam. You continue to be in my prayers…

  4. Thanks for commenting, Mary. And I hope you have gotten a wee bit of rest time, too!

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