We may speak to our God

either with or without the use of the voice;

for the substance of prayer

consists in the lifting up of the soul to God, and

pouring out the sentiments of the heart before him;

…The use of the voice greatly aids us in

fixing our thoughts

and giving distinctness to the feelings of devotion…

when we seek to draw near to God


he needs not any verbal utterances from us,

to understand

the desires and the affections of our hearts.”

– Matthew Henry, in Daily Communion with God, on the Plan recommended for Beginning, Spending, and Concluding each day with God.


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9 thoughts on “With or Without Words — Seeking Him

  1. In my new spiritual practice to “be still” before the Lord just 5 minutes before rising in the morning, I never form audible words. “Being with” Him is all focusing thought toward Him. I cannot even open my eyes or move my body. I must be really still or my pup who sleeps at my feet will instantly be up and ready to go. If I spoke it would really be all over…so, I really get this.

    Thanks, Sylvia,

    1. Hey, Dawn, I never thought of a pup as an aid to developing one’s spiritual practice, especially silent communion with God before rising, but now I can! What a good way to start the day!

  2. S. Etole,
    Yes, when our heart’s “on its knees,” often words aren’t adequate! Thanks for this thoughtful comment.

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