Free writing today on the Gypsy Mama’s Five Minute Friday prompt “Risk.”


The word risk has my mind going all over the place this morning.

Risk just for risk’s sake is… well, silly. Risking all for one’s personal dreams of “success” and fame might be ill advised.. The Bible tells us the wise person counts the cost before proceeding to build a tower or go forth to fight a battle, and that’s got to apply figuratively as well as literally.

I guess the question is what would I be risking… for what? Some things are too precious to risk. Like the truth of God that I might risk compromising. The risk of family well-being for my own personal pleasure… etc. (Such strong drive after my own desires could get like a steam roller mashing down everyone in its path!)

What is worth risking even my personal dream(s)? Or my dearest earthly relationships? Or my job? Or my home? Or my money? Or my reputation? Or, yes, even my personal happiness?

Isn’t it Christ?

When you risk something, you’ve got to figure maybe you will actually lose it. Sometimes doing the right thing, or refusing to do the wrong thing, will cost you: friends, reputation, opportunities, even family relations, even marriage! (I do know people who came to faith in Christ whose spouses gave them the choice of renouncing their new faith or divorce!)

The bottom line: Considered risk. What would I be risking… for what? All the world for the pearl of great price? Or God’s best gifts for… even all the world?



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7 thoughts on “Risking What? — For What?

  1. All of these posts on risk are hitting the bulls eye of my heart. God is speaking and I’m thankful you have followed the leading of God to share your writings. I want to delight in risking all for my Heavenly Father.

  2. “Want to delight in risking all for” Him struck a chord with me, Pamela. That’s my desire, too. I *have* risked some (dearly beloved) things for Him, but tend more to whining about the pain than delighting in the greater intimacy with Him it’s going to produce. I guess that’s because I don’t usually see that outcome clearly until afterwards. But then, ah, yes, it is delight.

    (And I am delighted that you stopped over here and commented. God bless you in any risks He leads you to take for Him!)

    1. Well, yes, Dawn, you know quite a lot about some of those costs that happened, and you do know, too, I think, how God blessed me even through — even as a result of — them! I can testify that He fulfills His promises!
      May He bless your weekend wonderfully!

  3. I have read several post who wrote on this topic this week. Felt deeply God inviting me to take more risks for Him this year: amazing how doors open when we begin to search and watch for Him isn’t it?

    1. Yes, Jean, those opening doors, together with the repeating same message (like in the posts you happened to read) and what He says in His word really can be strong steering. God be much with you, strengthening and blessing you as you step through those doors!

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