Writing on Five Minute Friday’s prompt “Loud” —

I don’t like loud things. Like roaring motors and raucous roosters and banging clanging cacophonies of steel on steel.

Screaming women speakers and ranting raving preachers grate on my nerves like fingernails on chalkboard and I want to run out of the place and escape.

I prefer the quiet spots and moments in them, where I can hear His still small voice.

And yet I get up in the morning and read “Make a joyful noise unto the Lord, all ye lands!” And all lands making a joyful NOISE must be hugely loud.

Then I check out the concordance and find that Revelation repeats the word “loud” 22 times! That’s as many occurrences as chapters in the book!

So I guess there’s a time to every purpose both under and in heaven — and that includes the mighty roar of praise — and the louder, the better!


More reasons why I should praise Him (loudly?):

48 – He is the Rock of our Salvation (Ps 95:1)

49 – He is a great God (Ps 95:3)

50 – He is a great King above all gods (Ps 95:3)

51 – In His hand are the deep places of the earth (Ps 95:4)

52 – The strength of the hills is His (Ps 95:4)

53 – The sea is His (Ps 95:5)

54 – He made it (the sea) (Ps 95:5)

55 – His hands formed the dry land (Ps 95:5)

56 – He is our Maker (Ps 95:6)

57 – The Psalms invite us to worship and bow down before Him (Ps 95:6)

58 – He is our own God (Ps 95:7)

59 – We are the people of His pasture, the sheep of His own hand (We belong to Him as His own flock) (Ps 95:7)

60 – He is grieved when His people go astray from Him in their heart (Ps 95:10)

61 – His grief becomes wrath declaring that they shall not enter His rest (Ps 95:11)

62 – He reigns over all (Ps 97:1)


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6 thoughts on “Not So Loud! (?)

  1. As someone who sang loudly in the park this morning (and blogged about it based upon the very same prompt, with the very same Psalms), clearly there was a reason I was brought here.
    So enjoyed your blog. Loud’s not so bad, eh?
    Peace and good to you.

    1. Oh, Chelle, you make me laugh! Yes, I like to sing, too, out on these hills and fields, like to clap my hands and hoot hallelujahs (even with the noisy rooster), but I still do like my quiet time quiet. A time for every purpose… Thanks for stopping by and commenting. May you have a (noisily?) joyful day!

  2. Sylvia,

    I am spending the day with my second son’s family. We will be making noise all day long, the best kind of noise: children’s laughter, frogs croaking in a pond, hammers pounding on layers of slate to find fossils, crackling fire from cooking hot dogs amid giggles and guffaws. We’re headed for Montour Preserve, PP&L’s nature park. I praise God for an overcast day. It may keep the Saturday crowd down.

    Sometimes loud, sometimes quiet,

    1. Wow, Dawn, what a beautiful picture of blessed noise! You just did a Five Minute Friday without even realizing it! 😉
      God bless your family day! Hope the rain holds off for you.

  3. I’m sensitive to loud sounds. One of my sons had a hard time with loud sounds until he turned about 14 and his ears “teen-ized” – LOL. But Praise – now that is totally different. Maybe because it is created to be beautiful to our ears:) May both our Monday’s be filled with loud praise:)

    1. Actually, “Bluecotton,” I think I must be sensitive to loud sounds myself, maybe not as much as you but to some extent. They really jar me. And yes, praise is nevertheless also a whole different thing for me. Right now I am quite silent, outwardly, but after the time I was able to spend with my God, my heart is roaring with thanks and praise! Thanks for the blessing, and may it bless you every bit as much!

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