Ever have your pen “catch fire”? Mine did, on March 3.

That’s when I began to list 10,000 reasons to worship Him.

I thought I would just list ten for the day. So in my journal I wrote…

1- He is the Creator Who made all this wondrous creation (Gen 1:1)

2 – He has been from the beginning (John 1:1)

3 – He is a great Deliverer (Ex 14)

4 – He condescends to lead His people on earth (Ex 13:17,21-22; 14:1-2)

5 – He brings them forth out of bondage (Ex 15:13)

6 – He does great wonders (Ex 15:11)

7 – He is a great Warrior more powerful than human armies (Ex 15:3-4)

8 – He is a guide to His people (Ex 15:13)

9 – The LORD is His name — “I AM THAT I AM,” packed with meaning (Ex 3:14-15)

10- He shall reign forever and ever! (Ex 15:18)…

But that’s when my pen started catching fire, and went blazing across the page, speaking my heart…

“Goodness! This is exhilarating! There’s so much here, in just this little piece of scripture (Ex 15) and surrounding chapters. I want to keep going ! And since it’s March 3 today, and I wanted to do this for the month of March, well, I could do two more sets (Yay!)

11 – God fights for His people in ways they cannot, even making it unnecessary for them to fight (Ex 14:14), but simply trust and move forward as He directs.

12 – He can part the waters at will (Ex 14:21-22)

13 – The LORD has saving power (Ex 14:30)

14 – He is people’s salvation (Ex 15:2) (And He has become my salvation!)

15 – He is the God of generations past (Ex 15:2)

16 – His right [strong] hand is glorious in power (Ex 15:3)

17 – He overthrows those who rise against Him (Ex 15:7)

18 – His wrath has power to consume men like straw stubble (Ex 15:7)

19 – He is fearful in praises (Ex 15:11)

20 – He is glorious in holiness (Ex 15:11)

“And still rolling on like a high-speed train…

21 – He is our Provider (Ex 15 -16)

22 – He can make the bitter water sweet (Ex 15:23-25)

23 – He  can rain bread from heaven (Ex 16:4)

24 – He provides bread daily, that we might learn to trust Him one day at a time (Ex 16, Mt 6:11,25-26,31-33)

25 – The LORD has power to protect from disease (15:26)

26 – He heals (Ex 15:26)

27 – And He places disease on people, for His own good reasons (Ex 15:26)

28 – The LORD hears the complaints of His people against Him (Ex 16:7-12)

29 – The LORD tests His people, to reveal whether they’ll walk in His ways (Ex 16:4 – whether they’ll trust Him enough to do so)

30 – He provides rest (Ex 16:23,29-30)

“I still could go on… but I shall restrain my pen till tomorrow.” 

And thus I experienced first hand how His praise can feed on itself and grow and become glorious.

I pray you’ll experience this, too. Starting with just five…? ten… ? twenty? growing, growing, glowing, glowing… and that you’ll link up, or offer your praises in the comments, here:

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4 thoughts on “How Ten Becomes Ten Thousand — and Thousands of Thousands

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this, Sylvia! It’s incredible – isn’t it? – how once you begin you don’t want to stop, have to exercise restraint because there’s so much else that somehow has to get done. I never thought it possible to want God as much as He’s allowed me to through this challenge. I’m so glad to see it spreading! Praying He moves in amazing ways! God bless you!

    P.S. I tried fixing the coding on the button. If you could, when you have time, let me know whether or not it works for you now? Thank you so much!

  2. Yes, Mary. Amen!

    I’m not a good one to test your button. I have trouble with any button on Blogger blogs (because this is Word Press). So I just copy and paste the picture of it, then go back and add the link to the post/website. I just updated mine on this post that way, and it works, and connects to your post of today. If you know someone with a Blogger blog, maybe they could test it for you? Oh, these technical tie-ups! I just keep thinking, God You’re going to have to make this happen, if You want it…

    Sorry I wasn’t any better help than that. Great insights on your post today, BTW. Truth. See you over there, will try putting my link on it. God bless our mess! 🙂

  3. Amen! I went to Genesis this morning and began to write what God did and filled a page in a short span. If I didn’t have to go to work today…
    Genesis 2:3 gave me something to ponder. God ENDED His work–doesn’t say He finished or the work was done. and then He rested IN and FROM His work….
    Blessings upon your day!

  4. Hi Laurie,
    Yes, this whole exercise is really giving me a lot to ponder. It’s so good to get driven directly, deep into the word for truths and concepts and details that I must have skimmed over before. He rested “in” and “from…” — that’s one, right there!
    And may you enjoy some rest and refreshment yourself today!

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