Scavenging with Ashley Sisk today (for Scavenger Hunt Sunday), searching for things to illustrate… Love, Duplicated, Paper, Plastic, and Trending



A cross-stitch anniversary gift I made dear Husband one year. We hung it in the upstairs hallway.


This may be stretching it a bit — and may require some imagination (so I have a better “Duplicate” later on…) But I just had to throw in this archived photo:

Ice and snow left this silhouette one morning on the window of the wall where the cross-stitch hangs. Do you see the “swan”?

Side by side:










Valentines of course! Commercial and hand-made.

I usually make mine. Husband hasn’t yet! 😉


The heart is plastic. The bell is glass, so… well, you can figure it out.


(The Real Deal):

A “happy accident” happened while I was shooting photos for “Plastic.” Sudden sunlight flooded in through lace curtains to cast shadows onto bell and heart ringer and make glowing wood a mirror… with this result.



The trend experts say books are going obsolete.

(Not in my book! I’ll love and hang onto books as long as I can see to read them!)




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24 thoughts on “Scavenging for the Stuff of Love

  1. I saw the swans right away out the window! You are so creative. Great idea : ) Wishing you a week filled with love and happiness! Love, Becky
    PS Your gift to your husband many years ago was SO sweet.

    1. Thanks, Becky! I showed my post to my husband before I published, and he didn’t get it! I thought, uh-oh, nobody else is going to, then. Glad you let me know you did! Blessings to you this week as well.

    1. Thanks, Marissa. They’ve my favs, too. Those photogenic “happy accidents” are such a delight, aren’t they?

  2. Yeah! Sylvia! You have caught the “bug,” the Sisk Shutterbug, that is! Hooray!

    Skipping off to church with your visuals in my mind,

    1. “Sisk Shutterbug.” I like that, Dawn. Yep, I’ve succumbed! Time consuming, but such fun. And it forces me to learn and grow. 🙂

    1. Thanks, Patrice. That’s my top favorite, too. It was so fun how it just presented itself before my eyes!

    1. Thank you, Tamar. I just spent some time at your blog, and just loved every one of your posts, and all your Scavenger photography. Will have to come back and leave some comments later. Glad we “met up.”

  3. I love your idea for trending! So creative! I also love to have a real book in my hands. Some things are hard to replace.

    1. Hi Bek,
      Yes, there’s still nothing like holding a real book. I can actually see better what’s on a computer screen, but it’s just not the same! Thanks for visiting and commenting.

  4. your handmade Valentine is amazing. Did you handstitch the gold around the smaller heart? what a great discovery in your DUPLICATED picture. I noticed that many of your photos could fit “multiple” hunted words this week!

    1. Hi Christine,
      Yes, I handstitched the heart in a little craft class at a retreat. You use a paper pre-printed with dots and numbers and end up with a heart if you do it right!
      And the categories did end up overlapping a lot. Thanks for visiting!

  5. I loved your duplicate, I see the swan! Great composition in the first photo too.~

  6. Saw the swan, awesome!

    I love paper books and will never do away with them. The photo of them in the garbage actually makes me cringe. I actually like to rescue books from the local thrift store. That, however, makes my husband cringe as he witnesses our own bookshelves reaching capacity. 🙂

    1. My, Tricia, do I ever know what you mean! But I don’t have that problem with my husband. We’re both bookaholics, and he’s even worse than I am! Just this past week I caught him comfortably nestled with a book catalog, smiling. I asked, “What are you going to do? Build an addition on the house?” We laughed. It can get bad, can’t it? Makes me realize why some people go digital. But yes, I still like books better. (And BTW, I was very careful not to let the banana peel touch my precious tomes, and got them right back out, unscathed, after the photo shoot! 😉

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