I never intended to hook up to a (nearly) month-long blogging commitment when, in late October,  I came blog-hop stumbling into Beholding Glory.

I just wanted to read some spiritually edifying posts. But after watching the video explaining “Not About Me November,” I knew I had to

It was another holy happenstance.        Beholding Glory

At the time, God was giving me some spiritual vocabulary lessons, and the word we were on was “humility.” (And believe me, we’re still on it!)

When I say vocabulary lesson, I don’t mean like school ones, where you get an “OK” by reciting a term’s definition, then using it in a sentence or two.

In God’s vocabulary lessons, the thing is not considered learned till lived out in life, even in spontaneous reactions.

So, my goal isn’t learning about biblical humility (although that seems an important part of the process), but learning to live it, to think it, to breathe it – and I’m not going to achieve that in one day! Or week. Or, apart from God’s grace, one lifetime!

But you have to start somewhere… and from what I’ve come to understand so far (more about this in future posts), biblical humility is best expressed in the prevailing thought that “IT’S NOT ABOUT ME”

And a great way to develop God-centered habits is one that Flylady (of whom I’m a fan) uses for overcoming household mess: doing one focused thing, for 21- 28 days.

Now, here at Beholding Glory, this gal Laura was calling for 27 days of focusing on just the thing I was aiming to learn, as a “routine” way of thinking and behaving!

How could I not say yes? Clearly, God brought me here – to learn more about how…

It’s not about me!

Beholding Glory


2 thoughts on “Why I Took Up the Challenge

  1. What an awesome challenge! I wish I had the time to blog every day so I could participate! (Look, there I go making it all about me again. I do that a lot.) Humility is so important and yet often overlooked. I think it’s at least partially because individuality is so much a part of our culture that thinking about ourselves incessantly is simply ingrained. It’s so, so hard to push past that into a more Biblical lifestyle of humility and putting others before ourselves. How wonderful that someone has made this into a challenge! Maybe I’ll have to challenge myself to think more like that, even if I can’t blog about it. Thank you so much for these thoughts today!

    1. You are so right, Mary. My husband and I were just talking about this today: It seems the biggest part of learning humility is un-learning the so-ingrained way of thinking pushed on us by the time, the culture, and the world’s way of thinking in general.

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