What was it like, that Daddy-lifted flying, heaved straight upward in the air, laughing breathless, secure in knowing on the comedown, lean strong arms would catch and hold me safe, so I could still erupt with wild laughter even then?

What was it like, riding aloft on shoulders seeming mountain high, way up, above it all—precarious perch, yet held fast by hands that would not let me go?

So long past it is now, how can I remember, the earth-daddy, earth-flight riding-high? And yet I know the feeling…

From the echoes in the Father’s lifting up to soaring heights… and the sometimes plunging down thereafter—but always into strong and loving waiting arms…

And the echoes in the riding up above it all on His omnipotent shoulders, to see my world from higher view, meanwhile moving right straight smooth through earthly circumstance, held secure by hand of love.

Or, is that backwards? The daddy-lifted short-flights a foreshadow of the soaring the Great Father gives? The rides on daddy shoulders but a foretaste of how the Heavenly One would carry me high and above those things I could not plow my way through on my own?

Yes, I think the latter. And I think of Husband, who never rode earth-daddy shoulders, or did the short flight up and up, and down and back, into arms of love. Because his daddy was so sick, and died while he was but a babe.

And I think how many others never had that daddy happening. And I have to ask him, have you ever felt the heavenly other, without the earthly preview?

And Husband answers: “A definite yes! And that’s why those verses are so precious to me, about the fatherless and widows–like Psalm 68:5.”

And now I read Psalm 27:10 KJV and Psalm 27:6 KJV, and I see them in new light, from a new perspective.


Riding on Daddy’s shoulders today. Soaring as on wings of eagles.

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